What Happened to Jesse Warren Ross?

Jesse Warren Ross, a sophomore from the University of Missouri, was attending a mock United Nations conference at the Sheraton Hotel and Powers in Chicago, Illinois when he went missing.  He was last seen at 2:30 AM on November 21, 2006, returning to his hotel from the conference center, which should have taken only ten minutes.

7 degrees of Libra is rising.   Jesse is ruled by Venus, which is in a very weak position:  peregrine in Sagittarius, cadent in the third house, and in square aspect to Uranus of accidents in the sixth.  Venus also rules the eighth house of death and applies to a conjunction with Pluto, the planet of destruction.  Venus on the third house cusp shows that Jesse was going back to his room, in transit, when last seen.

Since Jesse’s Venus is weak, he is not in control of his destiny.   Venus’ next aspect is a square to Uranus on the sixth house cusp and a final conjunction to Pluto.  The sixth house Uranus aspect points to a sudden accident or misfortune.
The Moon, Venus and Uranus are all ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter is at 29 degrees Scorpio, a critical degree and a sign of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Jupiter is also combust the Sun so there is nothing benefic about this planet here.  Jesse’s Venus is in the triplicity and term of Jupiter so at the time of his disappearance he was definitely not in control of his surroundings and suffered a fatal encounter of some kind.  Jupiter is combust the Sun so he may have been intoxicated.  Others who were with him that night said that he had been drinking but not very drunk.
The seventh house of enemies shows who or what may have been involved in his disappearance.  Mars rules the seventh and is strong in its own sign Scorpio.  It is surrounded by other planets so more than one person was likely involved.  Mars is in the term of Venus, so robbery was a possible motive, but Mars is also in detriment of Venus, so the robbery may have gone wrong.  Mars is also in range of combustion by the Sun, so this is not a well-intentioned person.
Mars also rules a great deal of the horoscope, and so is in charge of the events that follow.  It forms a dangerous t-square in Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius between the malefics Mars, Saturn and Neptune.   I believe Jesse was struck by a car, or somehow involved in a car accident and removed from the scene.
Saturn is antiscion the eighth house of death which indicates secrecy or cover-up.  Someone other than the driver knows more about this case and more than one person may have been involved.
Mars is conjunct the violent fixed star Zuben Elschemali.  In the horoscope Mars is surrounded by Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter, suggesting a group of people who were together that night.  Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are combust the Sun, so they were impaired.  They were definitely up to no good.
This possible scenario is supported by the motions of the Moon and Venus, Jesse’s planet:
1-Moon conjuncts Venus – Jesse takes a break and leaves the meeting.
2-Moon squares Uranus:  something freakish happens, like Jesse falls, is injured, or struck;
3-Moon sextiles Neptune: confusion or deception ensue, maybe he becomes disoriented;
4-Moon trines Saturn: there is a fall or a deliberate act to obstruct or control;
5-Moon conjuncts Pluto (and carries Venus to Pluto), a final act of destruction and Jesse is lost to us.  Nothing can be undone after this point.
In either case I am very sad to say I don’t think Jesse is with us any longer.  I am interpreting what the astrology horoscope shows but hopefully I am wrong.
Jesse was a tall, lanky guy with reddish hair and freckles.  He was enjoying the mock convention and had made a name for himself on the Kansas City, MO campus as ”Opie” Cunningham, his radio persona.  His planet in Sagittarius shows an interest in higher learning and advanced communications.  He was fun-loving and well-liked and his loss is deeply felt among classmates, family and friends.
The authorities conducted a search of the lake near the Sheraton Hotel and Towers but did not locate his body and the disappearance remains a mystery to this day. Anyone having any information on this case is urged to call the Chicago Police Department.
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Tragedy of the Air France Airbus

Late on the night of May 31, 2009 an Air France Airbus jet bound for Paris from Sao Paolo, Brazil went missing over the Atlantic Ocean .  At 2:14 AM UTC (universal time) an electrical failure was reported.  Sadly, this was the last transmission from the plane.  It broke up in midair and crashed into the Atlantic, leaving no survivors and numerous troubling questions which remain unanswered to this day.

Some investigators believe that the plane exploded in midair, but others have found evidence that the plane mechanically broke apart in midair and then fell into the ocean.   What does the event horoscope have to say?    The angles of the chart already tell a disturbing story.  In the chart cast for the 7 PM take-off time [May 31, 2009, from Sao Paolo, Brazil] Pluto, planet of destruction, is rising on the Ascendant, and unpredictable and accident-prone Uranus is on the fourth house cusp of endings.  In some modern astrology circles Uranus is said to rule air travel and electronics.  Its presence on the fourth house is another harbinger of disaster.  Pisces, on the fourth house, also rules the ocean, the jet’s final resting place.

Take-Off for Air France Airbus

Take-Off for Air France Airbus

At the opposite cusp, the violent fixed star Denebola is conjunct the Midheaven.  Denebola is of the nature of Uranus, Venus and Saturn and is located at 22 degrees Virgo, a fatal degree which will appear again later in this article.   W.J. Simmonite, in his “Arcana of Astrology,” writes that Denebola represents “misfortunes from water and vehicles of conveyance.”  Denebola was also prominently placed in the event horoscope for the maiden — and final — voyage of the Titanic.
So far, three angles of the event horoscope have warned of danger.  I recently learned about the Part of Plane Crash, an Arabic part discussed in the 1970s book, The Astrology of Accidents .  This Part is obtained by adding the degrees of the Ascendant to the degrees on the ninth cusp, and subtracting Pluto.  The Part of Plane Crash here is 23 Leo, conjunct the cusp of the ninth house of long-distance travel.  It does not take much analysis of this horoscope to understand that the event in question is a tragedy of catastrophic proportions.
The heavens can describe an event just from the placement of angles, fixed stars and relevant Arabic parts given in the horoscope cast for the time of that event.  The last eclipse to precede an event can also reveal information about forthcoming events which will take place before the next cycle of eclipses.  The lunar Full Moon eclipse preceding this event took place on February 9, 2009 at 23 degrees Leo — the same degree for both the Part of Plane Crash and the cusp of the ninth house of long-distance travel in this chart.
I also looked at the overall health of the plane, which we know was faulty.  The health of a person, animal or object is shown by the Ascendant and the first house, not the sixth!  (The sixth rules illness, not health).  The Ascendant is Capricorn and Pluto, a planet of mass annihilation, is right on it.  Mars at zero Taurus in the fifth house trines Pluto.  Mars is in its detriment so the trine facilitates destruction through ineffective action, in this case, inability to overcome a fatal mechanical malfunction.
Saturn rules the Ascendant of the jet and is weak in Virgo in the ninth house, which rules long distance travel.  It is also peregrine, unable to reach its final destination.  Saturn is conjunct the Moon in Virgo, also peregrine, which rules the seventh house of passengers and the eighth of death.  The Moon is applying to opposition with Uranus, portending a sudden violent end.  Something was amiss in the plane’s systems, and with Mercury as the ruler and term ruler of Saturn it is most likely to do with electronics and communication systems.  The pilots were unable to communicate with air control, and the jet went down without any human distress call.
At 11:14 pm the final electronic signal issued from the Air France Airbus reporting an electrical failure, and minutes later the plane went down to its watery grave.  At that moment the Moon had just entered exact conjunction with the evil fixed star Denebola, at 22 degrees Virgo, which was the fateful degree of the plane’s Midheaven during take-off.
A French tribunal has yet to conclude its independent investigation of this tragic accident, but the stars have told their own sad story.

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The Astrology of Missing Persons: Susan Powell–Very Big Secrets

Susan Powell Missing Person Poster

“A year before she disappeared, Susan Powell told a wide circle of friends she was preparing for the worst if she sought a divorce: that her husband might try to kidnap their sons and break her financially.

She said she had set up a separate bank account, arranged a place to stay if she decided to leave, and had informally written a will, according to friends who requested anonymity because they are not authorized by police to speak about the investigation. And Susan Powell made sure many knew of her preparations.”

Trouble was brewing in the Powell Salt Lake City household, December 6, 2009. The moon was in Leo and connected by conjunction Mars in Leo, which was opposite Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune is talks about secrets and with Jupiter sitting next to it, very big secrets.

Transiting Mars in Leo, that is, as it was in the sky was moving towards the position of Susan’s Mars in Leo. A woman with Mars in Leo tends to attract a man who needs attention centered on him.

With a Moon in Gemini, Susan was a social person, someone who attracted the attention of others.

Susan’s Sun was conjunct Pluto in Libra, in an intense combination that tends to attract partners for the purposes of transforming the ideas a soul has about relationships through situations centering on power and control. With many planets in Libra, even with her Pluto sitting on her Sun, she would tend to care take the relationship, even iwith a Libra’s characteristic flair with maneuvering people into the position she desired. Even so, whatever she did was done out of her sense of fairness and justice. With the planets of social consciousness, Jupiter (representing religion and law) and Saturn (duty), sitting next to her Sun as well, her spirituality, reverence for the law and her sense of duty would make it difficult for her to end a marriage even if she wanted to. In the previous year she decided to stay with her marriage after intense soul searching and prayer.

With many planets in harmonious or friendly aspect to each other, she was an even-tempered soul. Therefore, it is this astrologer’s position that the controlling element in the marriage was not Susan Powell.

On the day she was last seen, the moon moved toward her natal Mars, and towards the transiting Jupiter/Neptune opposition to it. Arguments were brewing, but Libra’s are known to avoid arguments if they can, even to the point of getting physically ill when one occurs.

What was the Argument About?

In the chart of the last day she was seen, Venus in the sky came to a return to Susan’s birth chart. In Susan’s birth chart, Venus is opposite Moon in Gemini. While we are not certain of Susan’s birth time, and we can positively state this for Susan, a person with Moon opposite Venus has problems with women. Notice also that the Sun, representing a man, is in Sagittarius. The sign of the Archer is well known for its infidelities.

So the argument was about infidelity, but whose? Did the gregarious Susan attract he wrong kind of attention and people started talking? Or was the husband stepping out on her?

While this is speculation, this astrologer’s opinion is that the husband was having an affair. Why the husband? The Sun in Sagittarius, representing the man, is in friendly energetic connection (sextile) with Neptune (planet of secret affairs) with is opposite Mars (the male sexual drive), and that Sagittarian Sun is very close to Susan’s natal Neptune. It was Susan’s husband who had the secret.

Next Installment: What Happened to Susan Powell?

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Astrology of Timothy Wiltsey, missing NJ boy

Five year-old Timothy Wiltsey was reported missing by his mother, Michelle Lodzinski, after both allegedly attended a carnival in Sayreville, New Jersey, on May 25, 1991.  I live near Sayreville and remember how the story dominated the media at that time.  To this day, no one has been apprehended for the crime, much to the frustration of New Jersey detectives who strongly suspected foul play on the mother’s part.

May 25, 1991, Sayreville, NJ, 8:30 PM

May 25, 1991, Sayreville, NJ, 8:30 PM

Fixed stars portray an ugly story here.  The evil fixed star Antares is rising on the Ascendant of this chart.  Mars, ruler of fifth house of children, is exactly conjunct Pleiades, literally known as “the Weeping Sisters,” a star of great tragedy and sorrow.  Jupiter, ruling Timothy, is found in the eighth house of death and peregrine:  Timothy’s body was never found intact; only a few remains were found a year later, in April 1992, inside an abandoned tire in a field in Edison, NJ.  The manner of death was never determined due to the poor condition of Timothy’s remains, which were finally laid to rest in May 1992.

The horoscope paints another disturbing picture of the circumstances surrounding Timothy’s sad death:  there is a Grand Cross in fixed signs, formed by Moon in Scorpio opposite Mercury in Taurus, crossed by Saturn in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo.  I believe the Moon represents Timothy’s mother:  her behavior was suspicious after the crime, and she changed her story many times when interviewed by police, who came to suspect her, but were unable to come up with any solid evidence.  The Moon is Scorpio reveals her as secretive and obstructive.  Scorpio is one of the three “mute” signs in Astrology, the other being companion water signs Cancer and Pisces.  Michelle Lodzinski, only 23 years old at the time of the murder, never spoke about what really happened, other than to blame the abduction on individuals whose existence was questionable, and to then change her story several times.

In addition, this secretive Scorpio Moon opposes Mercury, an astrological indication of lying and deception.  The sign on the tenth house also shows the mother; here it is Virgo, ruled by Mercury!  The mother’s account cannot be trusted.  Whether or not she had an involvement is not the purpose of this analysis, but clearly the detectives’ suspicions were not unfounded.  Twenty-six degrees of Virgo on the mother’s tenth house show a degree of desperation.  Mercury also rules the seventh house of the criminal, the “open enemy.”  If she was not directly involved, she certainly appears to know a great deal more than she has ever revealed to investigators about her little boy’s abduction and murder.

Mars, ruler of fifth of children, also rules twelfth of secrecy and hidden misdeeds and it finds itself in the critical last degrees of the sign Cancer [family] in the eighth house of death.  Was the death a family misdeed, and covered up?  We won’t know.  Michelle Lodzinski eventually left the state of New Jersey for greener pastures in Minnesota, where she is leading a new life under a new name.  All the more reason for the Weeping Sisters to mourn for Timothy, whose killer(s) may never be known and may never be brought to justice.

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Astrology of the NYU Library Suicide

On November 3rd at 4:30 AM the body of 20-year old student Andrew Williamson-Noble was found in the Bobst Library of New York University.  He had leapt to his death from the tenth floor of the library.  Andrew told friends he had been experiencing “depressing thoughts,” but what could have motivated him to take this final and irreversible step?

Chart for NYU Student SuicideVenus is rising in Libra:  Andrew was attractive, charming and personable and he was well-liked on campus.  But a strong Libran facade will want to suppress ugly feelings.  And the sign Libra is the detriment of Mars:  he would have had trouble venting his anger outwardly and would have struggled with difficult emotions.  Venus also rules the eighth house of death, which had preoccupied him enough to leave a suicide note before taking his fatal plunge.

The beautiful Venus gives more clues to Andrew’s despondency:  it is the exaltation sign of Saturn, in the twelfth house of self-undoing.  Saturn forms a challenge aspect to Pluto:  Andrew had become obsessed with his own death and actually looked forward to it.   His mental state was degenerating:  Mercury approaches combustion to the Sun.  Both these planets are entering the second house of self-esteem, which was a weakeness for Andrew.

The Venus rising is just separating from a trine to fifth-house Neptune and an inconjunct to sixth-house Uranus.  Andrew may have recently had a romantic fantasy which led to sudden disappointment.

Like many Librans, Andrew struggled in his relationships with others.  Although he had been admired by friends, he admitted to deep feelings of loneliness.  The ruler of his fifth house of pleasure and romance was Saturn, occupying the dark twelfth house of suffering and self-undoing.  Mars, ruler of seventh of relationships, challenges Mercury/Sun in Andrew’s first house of self.

Unable to cope with the sense of isolation he felt from ohers, and being unable (in his own mind) to manage his relationships, Andrew’s fascination turned to self-destruction.  In order to make his fatal jump from the library’s tenth floor, he had to scale a large partition which had been placed there after two other students had committed suicide in the same way.  Only in death was Andrew finally able to express his darker side.

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The Foot Hood Killings: The Event Chart

The events of 9/11 polarized a nation that still had a bad taste in its mouth from the Vietnam War. After Nixon pulled out the troops military actions were confined to joint U.N. missions, or “police actions” or “proportional responses” to provocative acts. The downing of the two towers of the world trade center, the nexus of financial activity for the world, was the second time since Pearl Harbor that America was attacked on its own soil. Even as we deplore then Presidents’ Bushes actions now, at the time, many Americans were not just ready but eager to go to war.

In the face of an ill-defined enemy we picked two that had “bad guy” written all over them. Afghanistan harbored the Taliban, noted for their hatred of American foreign policy and Saddam Hussein, whose threat was larger than life and the reality of the situation. That these two nations were predominately Muslim put us as odds with our Moslem trading partners. America did a lot of “happy dancing” trying to assuage the fears of the American public and the people who provided us with oil to run our businesses and heat our homes. In the end all we did was to confirm to many in the Moslem world, whose culture was already at odds with American culture, that we were the Great Satan that extremist Muslim Mullahs and Imans warned about.

And so it was that an American born Muslim army psychiartrist, of all people, torn apart by conflicting ideologies, opened fire on his fellow soldiers, leaving 13 dead and thirty wounded at Fort Hood, Texas on November 5, 2009 at 1:34 PM.

Even as the military and the FBI sort through the suspect’s garbage, his computer and his internet records, the motive for these tragic killings is still locked in Maj. Nidal Hasan’s mind. Conflicting reports continue to be bandied about in the media about the gentle demeanor of this man, and his growing dissatisfaction with U.S. military actions in the Moslem world.

But why there, why then?

The Event Chart of the incident can provide some clues. We know the date, the place and the time. We think we have good birth date on Maj. Hasan due to a military record that surfaced on the internet.

In the event chart, Aquarius, rule by unpredictable Uranus, is on the ascendant. Uranus rules gunfire, shootings and explosions. Three planets are tenanted on the ascendant, Jupiter, which serves as an amplifier of situations, Chiron, representing symbolically festering wounds, and Neptune, which shows a lack of clarity in the situation. These planets are in challenge aspect to the Sun/Mercury combo in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the zodiac sign of secrets and transformations. The Sun/Mercury comb is in challenge aspect to Mars, which opposes the ascendant by a wide orb of 10 degrees.

While a horary astrologer might have a different take on this chart, whenever Mars is involved with Uranus, the possibility of an incident by gunfire increases. In the case of the Murder of Two Oklahoma Girls, Mars and Uranus directed their energy towards the victims and death by gunfire was the result.

Why Fort Hood?

Here the intersection of the perpetrator’s chart and the location proves fatal. Recently relocated to this facility it was now Hasan’s home base. Note that the Moon, the significator for “home base” was in the fourth house fo the home of the event chart, opposing Pluto, and challenging Hasan’s natal Pluto.

A Surprise Indicator

Venus, which we associate with beauty and love, sits in the eighth house of death. Hasan’s Venus sits alongside with Jupiter, the amplifier, sits on top of the event chart Venus. Perhaps Venus indicates the female officer that put him down, but we mustn’t forget that in ancient times for the Babylonians and for the Maya, Venus was the Planet of War.

For Maj. Hasan, this conjunction was the start of a new Venus cycle, a time when his value system shifted from trying to balance competing dichotomies of his American heritage and his Muslim faith to coming to terms with the deeper concepts of his faith.

On Hasan’s military record, his religious preference is marked as “no preference”, but in a convenience store photo taken couple weeks ago, Hasan was seeing wearing traditional Arab garb, but not clothing that is common to his Palestinian roots. Clearly, there is a shift away from his upbringing to a new form of religious identity.

The Uranus/Saturn Opposition

The Uranus/Saturn opposition is no bit player in this tragic drama. Uranus has been working to break down Saturn’s barriers for the year and a half. This opposition has been working on Hasan’s natal Pluto for the same period. With transiting Pluto now in challenge aspect to Saturn and that Saturn conjunct Hasan’s Pluto, a breaking point was reached.

An Unanswered Question

Though the media reports that Hasan acted alone, the event chart indicates otherwise. Mercury sitting next to the Sun, the significator for Hasan, suggests a younger person involved in this scheme. Time will tell if this observation bears out.

Was This Incident Planned?

Hasan had given his landlord two weeks notice he was quitting his apartment. He gave away belongings, he said his goodbyes. Mercury next to the Sun may indicate the planning that went into his plan. In his confused thinking he may have equated his plan with striking a blow to protest U.S. military involvement in sovereign Moslem nations. My personal take on this was that Hasan was planning suicide, since Pluto in its extreme form can represent suicide, by law enforcement. He didn’t expect to live through the event.

Astrology Chart Foot Hood Killings

Photo printed under a Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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Andre Narcisse: Another Yale Tragedy

The body of 19-year-old Yale sophomore, Andre Narcisse, was found in an unresponsive state last Sunday morning, November 1st, in his Yale dormitory, where he later died. Authorities have ruled out foul play, so I cast a horoscope for 11AM, the time Andre was found by his roommate.

Andre is shown by Saturn in Libra, which has just entered the sign and the ninth house. This describes the fact that university classes had only recently begun (ninth) and he was found in the dormitory (also ninth).

Saturn is exalted in Libra and is ruled by Venus: Andre was a very promising student, attractive, popular and well-liked by his peers. With Saturn in its exaltation, triplicity and term, he had great potential for success, and was extremely confident and ambitious. But his strong self-confidence may have led him to a fatal mistake, as the rest of the chart shows.

Saturn is afflicted by Pluto in the twelfth house of self-undoing and Saturn disposits Pluto: something Andre did led somehow to his sudden demise.

The Moon in Aries is conjunct the fourth house of endings and receives Saturn (Andre) in its fall, also describing an action with a fatal effect on Andre. Venus, also in Libra, separates from Saturn and rules the fifth of recreation. I believe Andre may have attended a party prior to his death, and may also have had an emotional encounter with someone there (Moon has also separated from bad aspect to Venus). Mars rules Andre’s house of friends, but receives Saturn (Andre) in detriment, so some friends of his were not exactly the best kind of friends to be around.  Mars being in his seventh house of open enemies also suggests this, and I think someone gave him something that sealed his unhappy fate.

I looked to the sixth house of illness to find the source of the fatality. It is ruled by Mercury which is fast approaching combustion to the Sun in Scorpio. Combustion of a planet to the Sun literally destroys the planet’s life force and in this case, something affected Andre’s health very quickly and ended up killing him.

The Sun rules the eighth of death and it also rules the heart.  It is in the sign Scorpio.  Mars rules Scorpio and also rules the Aries Moon. Something literally stopped his heart quickly (Sun, Leo) and caused his death. The Moon rules drugs (among hundreds of other things), so I am speculating that Andre took a recreational or prescription drug that ended up causing cardiac arrest. The unfortunate interplay between Sun, Moon and Mars describe a very sudden health crisis ending in death.  Since Mars also rules friends, and is in the seventh of open enemies, I believe a friend passed along a drink or drug which Andre felt he could handle, with fatal results.

andrenarcisseAn autopsy has been performed but the toxicology results will not be available for a few more weeks.

Andre’s death has sent shock waves around the Yale campus, following the tragic murder of Annie Le only a few weeks ago.  You can read more on Annie Le at:  http://hubpages.com/hub/Annie-Le-Astrology-Event-Horoscope.

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Astrology of the Murdered Census Taker

The body of slain government census taker William “Sparky” Sparkman was found in rural eastern Kentucky at 6:30 PM on September 12, 2009.  He had been gagged, bound and hanged from a tree with the word “FED” scrawled across his chest in magic marker.  It was an extremely graphic, brutal crime which made the national news.  How did “Sparky” come to such a violent and tragic ending?

Event horoscope for murder of "Sparky" Sparkman

Event horoscope for murder of "Sparky" Sparkman

“Sparky” was presumably in the area on government business:  the Midheaven or 10th house ruler Jupiter was on his Ascendant, so he was doing his job.  Jupiter exchanges reception with Venus which rules the 8th of other people’s money and investigations.  The area of Kentucky where Sparky’s body was found is extremely remote, desolate and rural, and is known to serve as fertile ground for methamphetamine labs and pot farming.  I believe he was investigating this, or at least, was thought to be doing so when his killers caught up with him.  His body was on public display; he was brutally murdered to send a message, as violent drug dealers are known to do.

Who intended to send this message in such a horrific way?  Sparky’s ruler Saturn is in the 7th of the attacker; Sparky is on their turf, and trapped between two bodies, the Sun and Mercury.  The Sun rules the 7th of the attacker and is very bad news; it is rapidly approaching combustion with Saturn and will totally destroy Saturn’s life force, which is exactly what the person did.  Saturn is in exact opposition to Uranus, which exactly describes a sudden, quick and unpredictable catastrophe.  The evil axis of Saturn-Uranus is challenged by an opposition from the Moon to Pluto.  The Moon, which can rule drugs, is in the recreational fifth, opposing a malevolent Pluto;   the drugs were important enough to warrant violence and death.  The event horoscope was as graphic in its description as the crime.

Who is shown by Mercury, which retrogrades from the 8th house cusp of death and traps Sparky between itself and the malevolent Sun?  Mercury rules the fourth of farmers and landowners and also the fifth of recreation, drugs, which the land was being cultivated to grow.  In traveling through the area Sparky was discovered by the people or farmers who had a vested interest in running this illegal business, and wanted no part of government agencies making inquiries.

Mercury has a curious relationship with Saturn as so did Sparky and one of his murderers.  They exchange reception by exaltation.  This can indicate that one overestimated the intentions of the other:  Sparky, a census taker, was not on a crusade to bust the drug dealers and pot growers, but apparently the farmer/landowner thought he was.  An exaltation by reception is not realistic; it is an overestimation, as when two lovers first meet and think they have found the perfect mate.  In this case I believe this led to a fatal assumption that Sparky was a government agent and had to be killed to protect the property and its value (Venus in Leo, on 7th cusp, rules 8th of other people’s money and represents another motive for the 7th house attackers).  Venus, ruling the eighth house of death, also rules hangings.  In either case William Sparkman met a most brutal ending just for trying to do his job on a most unfortunate day.

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Crime Astrology: The Abduction of Lesley Perez

Most of the crime horoscopes that I work on show tragic circumstances, but the Lesley Perez case had a rare happy ending.  Lesley was last seen playing in the front yard of her Hidalgo, Texas home with her older sister on the evening of May 12, 2009.  Suddenly a stranger pulled up to the yard, knocked the sister down, grabbed Lesley and sped away in his truck.  The police were called at 9 PM.

Lesley is ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius in the 3rd house of siblings and her valiant older sister is ruled by Saturn.  This placement shows that the sister was responsible for Lesley and struggled to protect her.  Saturn at the Midheaven also lends a parental responsibility to the older sister.  Her planet Saturn is in Virgo, the detriment of Lesley’s Jupiter; Lesley probably resented this control.  At any rate, the sister fought for Lesley, but the intruder won, and drove away with Lesley in tow.

It was encouraging that Lesley’s Jupiter was not afflicted by the usual signs of violence or death and as a benefic, its rulership of Lesley was promising.  It appeared that Lesley might actually be unharmed.  Since Mercury, the intruder’s sign, was retrograde, I felt he would be caught soon and that perhaps Lesley would be found alive.

What else about the perp?  Mercury in Gemini shows he is a young person.  Venus and Mars straddling the 5th house of children shows a sex offender.  Mercury is exactly zero degrees Gemini, but retrograding into Taurus; he is beginning to lose control to his perverted passion.  But happily, both the perp and Lesley were found the very next day in a town just ten miles east of Lesley’s home.   If there can be a “best expression” of a child offender it may have been that Mercury was in its own dignity, and so the perp did not harm Lesley.  He turned out to be a 23-year old registered sex offender and was arrested for her abduction.  Lesley was returned safely to her family and Jupiter’s benevolent promise was fulfilled.

Abduction of Lesley Perez

Abduction of Lesley Perez

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The Astrology of Abductions: Somer Thompson

Somer Thompson Abductioin(True Crime and Astrology) Sadly, its been tentatively confirmed that the body of Somer Thompson, a 7 year old Orange Park, FL girl was found in a landfill 55 miles from her home.

The pictured chart is the event chart with Somer Thompson’s birth planets arranged in the outer wheel. Somer was born on April 5, 2002, but we don’t have a birth time or a birth place.

The event chart is tells the story of Somer’s disappearance. In the event chart, Mercury, Venus and Saturn sit in the Eighth house, the house of death, Somer’s Mercury was in tension aspect the event charts Mercury signifying the argument with another child that caused Somer, Venus signifying her, to ran ahead of the group with who she was walking home.. Unfortunately, as the event chart shows, she was literally running into the arms of her abductor. Uranus in the event chart is in tension aspect to Saturn, and inconjunct, often involved in crimes, to the Sun. It is entirely possible that the perpetrator passed the children in his vehicle as the argument ensued, saw a sudden opportunity and went ahead to confront Somer as she became cut off from the safety of her group.

With Somer’s planets arranged around the event chart, Somer’s Saturn tenants the house of endings, the fourth house . Remembering that the birth chart is actually upside side down in orientation, with flipping the chart Somer’s Natal Saturn, representing the body, is oriented northwest on a map. Adding the degrees of Saturn, Venus and Uranus gives the number 57, the rough amount of miles where Somer was found.

This cases illustrates that birth date information provided information that was not found in the event chart alone. It reaffirmed the traditional meanings assigned to the fourth and eighth house, and demonstrated what I’ve written previously, that Venus is often the signifier of the victim in the event chart.

Somer Thompson Body Found

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