The Astrology of Disappearances: Lauren Spierer

Lauren Spierer's Missing Poster
Blurred stories and a trickled release of information from the Bloomington Indiana Police Department gives a less than clear picture of what happened to Indiana University Lauren Spierer on June 3, 2011. The one thing we know is this, Lauren Spierer has vanished.

Reportedly Lauren was at a Sports Bar with a friend Corey Rossmann while her boyfriend was at his home watching a game waiting for Lauren to call him.

Lauren left the sports bar, Kilroy’s, with Rossman sometime about 2:15 and made the short walk to her apartment with him. Video documents that Lauren was at the building but before she went up to her apartment, Rossman was confronted by a group of young men, at least one of them being the friend of Lauren’s boyfriend. Rossman was clocked in the head, from which he claims memory loss of the events of that night. We do know that Spierer went with Rossman then towards his apartment. The last known sighting of Lauren was at around 3:00 AM by a video camera in what is a described as an alley heading toward Rossman’s apartment.

After that the story gets hazy. Despite the fact that Rossman was allegedly hit hard enough to lose his memory, and there was at least a twenty minute gap between the time of the incident and the time Lauren and Rossman were filmed in the alley, the cops or paramedics were not called. No, instead, this young man, under the influence and with a blow to his head decides to walk back to his apartment!

Lauren may or may not have lost her keys and purse in that alley. A conflicting report surfaced that the purse found belonged to an “unrelated crime victim.”

Lauren supposedly walked Rossman back to his apartment and then seeing him off to bed visited another of Rossman’s friends in that man’s apartment in the same building. This young man claims that he saw Lauren leave at 4:30 AM round the corner opposite of the way Lauren originally reached the building. Gentleman that he said he watched as she walked around the corner to make sure Lauren made it home safely. Apparently he wasn’t gentleman enough to actually walk her home. Surveillance cameras do not pick up Lauren walking home by the path suggested by Rossman’s friend.

Suffice it to say, police are now saying that they only know Lauren’s whereabouts up to 3:00 PM. The “last sighting” report of 4:30 has been dropped from official accounts.

Lauren's MovementsInterestingly enough a chart drawn for 2:30 AM, June 3, 2011 and flipped to place the map coordinates in their customary places shows the events of that time. In the illustration, the event chart is the inside wheel, Lauren’s chart is the outside wheel.

We flip the chart because ancient astrology practice places south at the top of the chart. Ancient astrologers drew charts with South at the top because ancient cartographers drew maps in this manner. It was the convention of the times. Astrology being an ancient science has carried forward this convention in modern astrology charts. Therefore when we want to see the direction of where things happen we have to turn the chart 180 degrees.

Doing this we see the crowd of people at Lauren’s apartment at 2:30. We see the Sun, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, all masculine symbols.

Let’s backtrack a little bit and see what the astrology has to say about the events of the last day Lauren was seen.

Lauren’s Movements

In the charts of that early morning we see Venus (Lauren) along side Mars (male companion) all during this time. She was not alone at any point that early morning.

We can track Lauren’s movements as the transiting Midheaven follows her like a puppy dog. The Midheaven is the place where things shine the brightest, so astrologically this symbol is like shining a spotlight on the chart.

Prior to 12:30 AM June 3rd Spierer was with Hadir Tamir, her roommate at their Smallwood apartment

12:30 a.m. Spierer went with another Smallwood resident to friend’s apartment up the street.

Spierer’s boyfriend is reported to be watching the same game from his apartment waiting for Spierer to call him.

They were joined there by Corey Rossman who lives two doors down. Rossman’s room mate was also there.

This friend’s place was a frequent hangout for Spierer. Tamir says “I’ve been good friends with (him) since our freshman year,” she said, and added “we always used to be at his apartment last year.” (ed comment: But not this year?)

? to 2:30 AM A while later, Rossman and Spierer went to a bar.
The friend who accompanied her to Rossman’s apartment returned to Smallwood Apartments.

At 1:33 AM transiting Midheaven conjuncts transiting Pluto sitting on Lauren’s Mercury, the planet of short trips. Here is when Lauren and Corey go the bar.

Spierer, according to her room mate, met Rossman only two weeks prior at the Indianapolis 500.

In the timeline printed 6/16 the police say Spierers and Rossman enter the bar at 1:46 PM.

At 2:07 Transiting Midheaven conjuncts Neptune—Lauren is very drunk now.

Unconfirmed reports have Spierer’s boyfriend and Spierer talking or texting on the phone while she was at the bar.

Spierer then leaves her cell phone and shoes at the bar. How intoxicated was she to leave her cell phone and shoes?

About 2:30 to 2:40 a.m., Spierer and Rossman returned to her building, where other students confronted him.

The astrology has the Midheaven conjuncts Uranus/Neptune/Sun/Saturn combo in Lauren’s chart, all masculine symbols.

Rossman is allegedly on a “not allowed to visit list” at that apartment. Included in the people involved in the altercation is a person supposedly the best friend of her boyfriend.

One punched him in the face, causing him to lose memory of the exchange and his interactions with Spierer after that, Rossman’s lawyer said. Or speculatively Rossman was too intoxicated to remember anything, because if Rossman been struck with enough force to lose his memory, he would have sustained a head injury that would require medical attention. No paramedics were called by anyone.

It is important to note that Lauren and Rossman were inside the building, but five floors away from her apartment. Had Rossman needed medical attention, or was in no condition to travel, they were just a few steps away from her own apartment where conceivably there were resources to address the situation. Instead, they walk out of the building. Why?

Additionally, are we to believe that the friend that took up the boyfriend’s cause didn’t call up the boyfriend and tell him what transpired?

2:45 to 3:00 PM Spierer and Rossman go to Rossman’s building,

The midheaven conjunct’s Lauren’s Sun

Police give this timeline: 2:48 a.m. — Enters a North/South alley between 10th and College Apartments and 10th and College Village.
2:51 a.m. — Exits the alley, heading toward an empty lot north of 10th & College Village Apartments.

Rossman’s roommate puts him to bed. Meaning Rossman was so out of it, he couldn’t make it to his own bed, but this obviously was a frequent enough occurrence that his roommate was not concerned enough about his roommate’s condition to call paramedics.

Approximately 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM Speirer went to the friend’s apartment in the same building where she started out.

Tamir, who has spoken with the friend who last saw Spierer said that he had tried to prevent her from leaving.

“He told me he tried to make her stay and sleep on his couch but she refused, so finally after trying to convince her, she left,” Tamir told The Journal News.

“He told me he watched her leave and told her, ‘If you stumble then I’m going to make you come back in here.’ But he watched her leave and she seemed fine so he just let her go,” Tamir said.

Before leaving, Tamir said, Spierer used the friend’s phone to call the person who first escorted her to Rossman’s apartment building to see if he knew where her phone was.

The person who last saw Spierer was gentlemen enough to watch Spierer as she left, but apparently not gentlemen enough to walk her home.

My feeling is that that friend’s concern is disingenuous. From the story he told Tamir we can infer that Spierer, in her intoxicated state in spite of knowing him for a long time did not feel comfortable enough to stay for a few more hours in his apartment, and he was not concerned enough to walk her home. Does this sound right to you?

4:14 AM MC conjuncts Lauren’s Moon/Venus combination which squares her Pluto and transiting Mars. This is when whatever happens to Lauren happens.

Possible Scenarios

As I’ve said before, the planet Venus often represents the victim in a forensic chart study. That the planet of transformation, Pluto, challenges her Venus position, is not a good sign. That Mars, as it moved in the sky, (transits Mars), opposes that Pluto triggers the events displayed by the Pluto/Venus aspect.

For those not that familiar with astrology, Venus/Pluto aspects signify a person with an obsessive love nature or someone who attracts people obsessive about them. In events tied with a trigger like Mars, it can, (though not always) signify extremely possessive activities like stalking, unwelcome and forceful sexual advances up to and including rape.

One thing that sticks out in the event charts of that evening is that following the Venus/Mars combination is Mercury representing a young man or two young men that follows Venus/Mars. This looks like some sort of stalking activity, that someone is watching Spierer and noting her movements.

Another scenario includes drugs. Law Enforcement acknowledge hearing of rumors that Lauren died of a cocaine overdose and that her companions frantically worked to conceal her body.

This scenario is possible as well. In a chart drawn up for the arrival at Rossman’s apartment you see the transiting Moon opposing Pluto and challenging the planet of sudden events and accidents, Uranus. The moon also is in friendly energetic connection to the planet of drugs, Neptune. Neptune sits along side with the planet of bodily wounds, Chiron. Drugs, plus drinking, plus a heart condition is not a good combination.

And maybe all these scenarios roll up into one, with whoever is watching Spierer confronting her at Rossman’s friend’s apartment causing enough excitement, after a night of intoxication and possibly cocaine to trigger an episode of her heart condition.

Maybe this is why Spierer’s boyfriend has left town in the middle of the investigation of his girlfriend’s disappearance.

However, if friend who last saw Spierer is saying that Lauren used his phone to call someone else about her missing cell phone this event ties that friend with knowledge of Lauren’s whereabouts.

Asteroids are often used in pinpointing names involved in a forensic astrology study. In some cases they give chilling starry testimony to the people involved. One thing that I have noted anecdotally is that the occupants of the second house, which becomes the inverted eighth house, the house of transformations, when the chart is flipped, often contains information on the perpetrator or perpetrators.

The name asteroids of people who were involved in Spierer’s disappearance show a eerie correspondence with planets in Lauren’s chart. As this an active police investigation however, I will not expand further here. However, one thing I can say is that the asteroid data seems to clear Corey Rossman from direct involvement of Lauren’s fate. The name asteroid most closely representing Corey Rossman, Rosamunde, was at 17 degrees Aries, away from the action, in the third house of friends. He was not involved.

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18 Responses to The Astrology of Disappearances: Lauren Spierer

  1. Hey says:

    Interesting. I know nothing about astrology and since you aren’t a cop then no need to worry about discussing an open police investigation. So what asteroids names were near her at the time of the disappearance?? Make me believe in this crazy shit, give me your best guess.


    • Beth Turnage says:

      Yes, I am not a cop. But I do have to be careful about what names I put out there. That’s just a journalistic reality. Even the police aren’t naming names in their press conferences and its for more reasons than not wanting to tip off the perpetrators.

      And yes, it is “crazy shit”. But it is not guessing. The whole field of forensic astrology is very new compared to other fields in astrology and I am finding that the regular rules do not apply. Who’d have thought the transiting Midheaven would be important? Up to the age of the computers no one would think to use the Midheaven’s movements since it moves a degree every four minutes. But it makes sense because “everything happens at the angles” as Gauguelin found out. In traditional astrology, the second house is about money and possessions. In forensic astrology it appears to indicate the perpetrators. In a traditional chart the transits are arranged around the person’s chart. In forensic astrology putting the person’s planets on the outside wheel with the transits on the inside wheel seems to work best. It is astrology inside out! Who knew? Crazy shit indeed!

  2. Doug Jeffs says:

    Indiana University is, believe it or not, in Indiana — not Illinois.

  3. Diane N says:

    Small correction: Bloomington, Indiana where Indiana University is located is the venue, not Bloomington, Illinois. Thanks for your very good analysis. I was not aware that Lauren had a heart condition.

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Quite right. I made the correction.

      Lauren’s heart condition as described in the media is called Long QT which causes irregular heart rhythms.

  4. Lovejac says:

    Thank you for sharing your analysis with us. I have always thought that JR was hiding something. He and JW are very good friends and I don’t for one second believe that JW was unaware of what transpired that night.

    On another note. Have you ever done an Event Chart? I read in a news article about the bag of clothes that were found behind the trash. It stated the time they were found. I will search for the article again if you are interested in doing a chart to see if they are relevent to Lauren.

    • Beth Turnage says:

      I have not done an event chart on the clothes found by a dumpster in Lauren’s apartment. Though I could be wrong, it seems to be an incongruous piece of information that does not seem to fit the facts of the case.

      If Lauren was last seen in her apartment building, which she was not, then it might be an important piece of evidence.

  5. Lovejac says:

    How many people do you think are involved?

  6. Michelle says:

    Great job, keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing this interpretation with us.

  7. my1smthop says:

    I have a question regarding this:

    “However, one thing I can say is that the asteroid data seems to clear Corey Rossman from direct involvement of Lauren’s fate. The name asteroid most closely representing Corey Rossman, Rosamunde, was at 17 degrees Aries, away from the action, in the third house of friends. He was not involved.”

    Since the name of the asteroid is Rosamunde, how can you tell that it is symbolizing Rossman and not Rosenbaum? I admire your work and am just curious about this.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Connecting names to asteroids can be a tricky business to be sure, and a case could be made to connect Rosamunde with Rosenbaum. However, I connected Rosenbaum with the asteroid Jason, his first name. Asteroid Jason sits at 5 degees of Aquarius conjunct Lauren’s Moon/Venus combination

  8. marmotte says:

    Hi Beth,
    You’ve done a good job. Thanks. It seems quite interesting to analyze a chart for when she has been reported missing as well.

  9. Laura says:

    It’s very interesting what you write about this sad case and this poor girl. I’m truly no expert on crime astrology but thought to give it a try. If we use the ‘last seen’ moment on camera as an event chart what is striking is all the very critical degrees in the chart of 2:51 AM (which I’m going to use). The ascendant gives Pisces rising with Jupiter its traditional ruler in the first in intercepted Aries (she wasn’t herself) in a critical 29 degree of Aries (a degree that can give bursting headaches and migraine). The intercepted Aries gives her also a Mars in Taurus as significator, a beautiful material girl so to speak, Mars is deposited by Venus in Taurus. Venus in Taurus is not a Venus in Pisces with its universal love but Venus in Taurus loves beautiful appearances. Venus and Mars are separating aspects in the chart with probably in her mind, saying goodbye to her friends for the night because at that moment her mind (the 3th) is set on her boyfriend (Sun is in the 3th) and on going home (Moon ruled by Mercury in the 4th). She never got there. Striking that both Venus and Mars are at violent degrees. To come back to the modern ruler of Pisces which is Neptune in the 12th house within only hours of turning retrograde, Neptune is conjunct Chiron and the lot of fortune at a critical degree. Again the connection to Chiron means she felt bad and was very vulnerable, stationary Neptune is going to square Mercury in just minutes and Mercury is the ruler of her 7th, the house of open enemies (I come back to this later). The 6th house (of health) is around the worst degree of the Zodiac 15 of Leo. Moon which is so telling in events charts is at a critical degree the last degree of Gemini conjunct the South Node and is going to enter Cancer around 4:37. A point of no return. But what is most striking is the ‘open enemy’ she is about to meet as a complete shock (Uranus 1st) between 2:51 and the moment Moon turns into Cancer. Saturn in Libra in the 7th. This is a person in an exalted strong position, compared to her situation. This is underwritten by the fact that the 7th of open enemies is ruled by Mercury the trickster and twister in rulership but at the critical weeping sisters degree of the Pleiades. Between the following very critical hours of what happened to her, the MC is at one of the most violent stars of the Zodiac, Facies at 8° of Capricorn with Pluto conjunct. According to Bernadette Bradie, Facies “represents the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon. It is one of the most difficult, and possibly the most violent, objects in the heavens. It gives a penetration of action that has no regard for others…Facies in a chart will indicate that the planet it touches will be very focused and driven…the push to achieve goals and aims may well become ruthless.“
    If you turn the chart this is the home or house of her enemy. Underwritten by her ruler Jupiter who’s in fall in Capricorn and Moon who’s in her detriment there.
    What I don’t understand is that ‘friends’ let a girl, drunk and vulnerable like that walk home alone (if that is what really happened) at night and the fact that Saturn rules the 11th of friends and the 12th of hidden things and Mercury the 7th of open enemies and the 3th and 4th of neighborhood and home gives a bad vibe also .
    My warmth and support goes out to the family.

  10. Its very interesting.Thank You Beth turnage,for giving this information

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