Astrology of Timothy Wiltsey, missing NJ boy

Five year-old Timothy Wiltsey was reported missing by his mother, Michelle Lodzinski, after both allegedly attended a carnival in Sayreville, New Jersey, on May 25, 1991.  I live near Sayreville and remember how the story dominated the media at that time.  To this day, no one has been apprehended for the crime, much to the frustration of New Jersey detectives who strongly suspected foul play on the mother’s part.

May 25, 1991, Sayreville, NJ, 8:30 PM

May 25, 1991, Sayreville, NJ, 8:30 PM

Fixed stars portray an ugly story here.  The evil fixed star Antares is rising on the Ascendant of this chart.  Mars, ruler of fifth house of children, is exactly conjunct Pleiades, literally known as “the Weeping Sisters,” a star of great tragedy and sorrow.  Jupiter, ruling Timothy, is found in the eighth house of death and peregrine:  Timothy’s body was never found intact; only a few remains were found a year later, in April 1992, inside an abandoned tire in a field in Edison, NJ.  The manner of death was never determined due to the poor condition of Timothy’s remains, which were finally laid to rest in May 1992.

The horoscope paints another disturbing picture of the circumstances surrounding Timothy’s sad death:  there is a Grand Cross in fixed signs, formed by Moon in Scorpio opposite Mercury in Taurus, crossed by Saturn in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo.  I believe the Moon represents Timothy’s mother:  her behavior was suspicious after the crime, and she changed her story many times when interviewed by police, who came to suspect her, but were unable to come up with any solid evidence.  The Moon is Scorpio reveals her as secretive and obstructive.  Scorpio is one of the three “mute” signs in Astrology, the other being companion water signs Cancer and Pisces.  Michelle Lodzinski, only 23 years old at the time of the murder, never spoke about what really happened, other than to blame the abduction on individuals whose existence was questionable, and to then change her story several times.

In addition, this secretive Scorpio Moon opposes Mercury, an astrological indication of lying and deception.  The sign on the tenth house also shows the mother; here it is Virgo, ruled by Mercury!  The mother’s account cannot be trusted.  Whether or not she had an involvement is not the purpose of this analysis, but clearly the detectives’ suspicions were not unfounded.  Twenty-six degrees of Virgo on the mother’s tenth house show a degree of desperation.  Mercury also rules the seventh house of the criminal, the “open enemy.”  If she was not directly involved, she certainly appears to know a great deal more than she has ever revealed to investigators about her little boy’s abduction and murder.

Mars, ruler of fifth of children, also rules twelfth of secrecy and hidden misdeeds and it finds itself in the critical last degrees of the sign Cancer [family] in the eighth house of death.  Was the death a family misdeed, and covered up?  We won’t know.  Michelle Lodzinski eventually left the state of New Jersey for greener pastures in Minnesota, where she is leading a new life under a new name.  All the more reason for the Weeping Sisters to mourn for Timothy, whose killer(s) may never be known and may never be brought to justice.

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