Andre Narcisse: Another Yale Tragedy

The body of 19-year-old Yale sophomore, Andre Narcisse, was found in an unresponsive state last Sunday morning, November 1st, in his Yale dormitory, where he later died. Authorities have ruled out foul play, so I cast a horoscope for 11AM, the time Andre was found by his roommate.

Andre is shown by Saturn in Libra, which has just entered the sign and the ninth house. This describes the fact that university classes had only recently begun (ninth) and he was found in the dormitory (also ninth).

Saturn is exalted in Libra and is ruled by Venus: Andre was a very promising student, attractive, popular and well-liked by his peers. With Saturn in its exaltation, triplicity and term, he had great potential for success, and was extremely confident and ambitious. But his strong self-confidence may have led him to a fatal mistake, as the rest of the chart shows.

Saturn is afflicted by Pluto in the twelfth house of self-undoing and Saturn disposits Pluto: something Andre did led somehow to his sudden demise.

The Moon in Aries is conjunct the fourth house of endings and receives Saturn (Andre) in its fall, also describing an action with a fatal effect on Andre. Venus, also in Libra, separates from Saturn and rules the fifth of recreation. I believe Andre may have attended a party prior to his death, and may also have had an emotional encounter with someone there (Moon has also separated from bad aspect to Venus). Mars rules Andre’s house of friends, but receives Saturn (Andre) in detriment, so some friends of his were not exactly the best kind of friends to be around.  Mars being in his seventh house of open enemies also suggests this, and I think someone gave him something that sealed his unhappy fate.

I looked to the sixth house of illness to find the source of the fatality. It is ruled by Mercury which is fast approaching combustion to the Sun in Scorpio. Combustion of a planet to the Sun literally destroys the planet’s life force and in this case, something affected Andre’s health very quickly and ended up killing him.

The Sun rules the eighth of death and it also rules the heart.  It is in the sign Scorpio.  Mars rules Scorpio and also rules the Aries Moon. Something literally stopped his heart quickly (Sun, Leo) and caused his death. The Moon rules drugs (among hundreds of other things), so I am speculating that Andre took a recreational or prescription drug that ended up causing cardiac arrest. The unfortunate interplay between Sun, Moon and Mars describe a very sudden health crisis ending in death.  Since Mars also rules friends, and is in the seventh of open enemies, I believe a friend passed along a drink or drug which Andre felt he could handle, with fatal results.

andrenarcisseAn autopsy has been performed but the toxicology results will not be available for a few more weeks.

Andre’s death has sent shock waves around the Yale campus, following the tragic murder of Annie Le only a few weeks ago.  You can read more on Annie Le at:

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