Astrology for Brittanee Marie Drexel’s disappearance

Brittanee Marie Drexel, a 17-year-old high school junior from Rochester, NY, went to Myrtle Beach on a spring break getaway with some friends and has not been seen since 8 PM on the evening of April 25, 2009.  To date search teams have been unable to find her.

Brittanee was last seen by a group of male friends at the hotel where they were all staying.  They claimed that she left the hotel to visit a friend.  Other reports say that she argued with them over a pair of shorts.  Either way, her friends and acquaintances on this trip are highlighted in the horoscope.

First of all I don’t like the fact that the 8th house of death, signifying Brittanee, is rising in this chart.  Brittannee herself is shown by Scorpio’s ruler, Mars, which is in Aries in the 5th house.  This describes her as an active, outgoing teen who was having a good time on this vacation.  Mars is in its own sign, Aries — she was into herself, and not another person.  Unfortunately Aries is considered a “violent” sign in crime astrology so that is another concern for Brittanee’s safety.

The Mars/Venus placement in Aries is important.  It shows that the person involved in her disappearance was into her, but the feelings were not reciprocated.  Venus, ruling 7th house of the abductor, is in Brittanee’s sign in the 5th house.  He really likes her; he may have wanted to have sex with her, and was likely refused.  Brittanee’s Mars in Aries shows she is mainly into herself.  Venus is pursuing Mars in the 5th house of sex, and both meet up with a square to Pluto, a very bad indication for possible sexual assault.

There are others involved as well, shown by Sun, Moon and Mercury in the 7th house.  Possibly three others were involved or had knowledge of the crime.  These people are controlled by the main offender and are loyal to him:  they are ruled by his sign, Venus.

Saturn, traditional ruler of death, is exactly conjunct the 11th house cusp of friends and associates.  Mercury, which rules the 8th house of death as well as the 11th house of friends, is exactly conjunct the evil fixed star Caput Algol.  The literal meaning of Algol is losing one’s head, and can also indicate suffocation or strangulation.  It is unfortunately often seen in charts involving heinous crimes.

To date Brittanee has not been found but leads are being developed which point to one individual who had been hanging out with three others at Brittanee’s hotel.

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  1. Mairt says:

    Wow! I was just reading this post of y ours from 2009. Then I googled Brittanee’s name and look what came up!

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