Tragedy of the Air France Airbus

Late on the night of May 31, 2009 an Air France Airbus jet bound for Paris from Sao Paolo, Brazil went missing over the Atlantic Ocean .  At 2:14 AM UTC (universal time) an electrical failure was reported.  Sadly, this was the last transmission from the plane.  It broke up in midair and crashed into the Atlantic, leaving no survivors and numerous troubling questions which remain unanswered to this day.

Some investigators believe that the plane exploded in midair, but others have found evidence that the plane mechanically broke apart in midair and then fell into the ocean.   What does the event horoscope have to say?    The angles of the chart already tell a disturbing story.  In the chart cast for the 7 PM take-off time [May 31, 2009, from Sao Paolo, Brazil] Pluto, planet of destruction, is rising on the Ascendant, and unpredictable and accident-prone Uranus is on the fourth house cusp of endings.  In some modern astrology circles Uranus is said to rule air travel and electronics.  Its presence on the fourth house is another harbinger of disaster.  Pisces, on the fourth house, also rules the ocean, the jet’s final resting place.

Take-Off for Air France Airbus

Take-Off for Air France Airbus

At the opposite cusp, the violent fixed star Denebola is conjunct the Midheaven.  Denebola is of the nature of Uranus, Venus and Saturn and is located at 22 degrees Virgo, a fatal degree which will appear again later in this article.   W.J. Simmonite, in his “Arcana of Astrology,” writes that Denebola represents “misfortunes from water and vehicles of conveyance.”  Denebola was also prominently placed in the event horoscope for the maiden — and final — voyage of the Titanic.
So far, three angles of the event horoscope have warned of danger.  I recently learned about the Part of Plane Crash, an Arabic part discussed in the 1970s book, The Astrology of Accidents .  This Part is obtained by adding the degrees of the Ascendant to the degrees on the ninth cusp, and subtracting Pluto.  The Part of Plane Crash here is 23 Leo, conjunct the cusp of the ninth house of long-distance travel.  It does not take much analysis of this horoscope to understand that the event in question is a tragedy of catastrophic proportions.
The heavens can describe an event just from the placement of angles, fixed stars and relevant Arabic parts given in the horoscope cast for the time of that event.  The last eclipse to precede an event can also reveal information about forthcoming events which will take place before the next cycle of eclipses.  The lunar Full Moon eclipse preceding this event took place on February 9, 2009 at 23 degrees Leo — the same degree for both the Part of Plane Crash and the cusp of the ninth house of long-distance travel in this chart.
I also looked at the overall health of the plane, which we know was faulty.  The health of a person, animal or object is shown by the Ascendant and the first house, not the sixth!  (The sixth rules illness, not health).  The Ascendant is Capricorn and Pluto, a planet of mass annihilation, is right on it.  Mars at zero Taurus in the fifth house trines Pluto.  Mars is in its detriment so the trine facilitates destruction through ineffective action, in this case, inability to overcome a fatal mechanical malfunction.
Saturn rules the Ascendant of the jet and is weak in Virgo in the ninth house, which rules long distance travel.  It is also peregrine, unable to reach its final destination.  Saturn is conjunct the Moon in Virgo, also peregrine, which rules the seventh house of passengers and the eighth of death.  The Moon is applying to opposition with Uranus, portending a sudden violent end.  Something was amiss in the plane’s systems, and with Mercury as the ruler and term ruler of Saturn it is most likely to do with electronics and communication systems.  The pilots were unable to communicate with air control, and the jet went down without any human distress call.
At 11:14 pm the final electronic signal issued from the Air France Airbus reporting an electrical failure, and minutes later the plane went down to its watery grave.  At that moment the Moon had just entered exact conjunction with the evil fixed star Denebola, at 22 degrees Virgo, which was the fateful degree of the plane’s Midheaven during take-off.
A French tribunal has yet to conclude its independent investigation of this tragic accident, but the stars have told their own sad story.

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