What Happened to Jesse Warren Ross?

Jesse Warren Ross, a sophomore from the University of Missouri, was attending a mock United Nations conference at the Sheraton Hotel and Powers in Chicago, Illinois when he went missing.  He was last seen at 2:30 AM on November 21, 2006, returning to his hotel from the conference center, which should have taken only ten minutes.

7 degrees of Libra is rising.   Jesse is ruled by Venus, which is in a very weak position:  peregrine in Sagittarius, cadent in the third house, and in square aspect to Uranus of accidents in the sixth.  Venus also rules the eighth house of death and applies to a conjunction with Pluto, the planet of destruction.  Venus on the third house cusp shows that Jesse was going back to his room, in transit, when last seen.

Since Jesse’s Venus is weak, he is not in control of his destiny.   Venus’ next aspect is a square to Uranus on the sixth house cusp and a final conjunction to Pluto.  The sixth house Uranus aspect points to a sudden accident or misfortune.
The Moon, Venus and Uranus are all ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter is at 29 degrees Scorpio, a critical degree and a sign of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Jupiter is also combust the Sun so there is nothing benefic about this planet here.  Jesse’s Venus is in the triplicity and term of Jupiter so at the time of his disappearance he was definitely not in control of his surroundings and suffered a fatal encounter of some kind.  Jupiter is combust the Sun so he may have been intoxicated.  Others who were with him that night said that he had been drinking but not very drunk.
The seventh house of enemies shows who or what may have been involved in his disappearance.  Mars rules the seventh and is strong in its own sign Scorpio.  It is surrounded by other planets so more than one person was likely involved.  Mars is in the term of Venus, so robbery was a possible motive, but Mars is also in detriment of Venus, so the robbery may have gone wrong.  Mars is also in range of combustion by the Sun, so this is not a well-intentioned person.
Mars also rules a great deal of the horoscope, and so is in charge of the events that follow.  It forms a dangerous t-square in Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius between the malefics Mars, Saturn and Neptune.   I believe Jesse was struck by a car, or somehow involved in a car accident and removed from the scene.
Saturn is antiscion the eighth house of death which indicates secrecy or cover-up.  Someone other than the driver knows more about this case and more than one person may have been involved.
Mars is conjunct the violent fixed star Zuben Elschemali.  In the horoscope Mars is surrounded by Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter, suggesting a group of people who were together that night.  Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are combust the Sun, so they were impaired.  They were definitely up to no good.
This possible scenario is supported by the motions of the Moon and Venus, Jesse’s planet:
1-Moon conjuncts Venus – Jesse takes a break and leaves the meeting.
2-Moon squares Uranus:  something freakish happens, like Jesse falls, is injured, or struck;
3-Moon sextiles Neptune: confusion or deception ensue, maybe he becomes disoriented;
4-Moon trines Saturn: there is a fall or a deliberate act to obstruct or control;
5-Moon conjuncts Pluto (and carries Venus to Pluto), a final act of destruction and Jesse is lost to us.  Nothing can be undone after this point.
In either case I am very sad to say I don’t think Jesse is with us any longer.  I am interpreting what the astrology horoscope shows but hopefully I am wrong.
Jesse was a tall, lanky guy with reddish hair and freckles.  He was enjoying the mock convention and had made a name for himself on the Kansas City, MO campus as ”Opie” Cunningham, his radio persona.  His planet in Sagittarius shows an interest in higher learning and advanced communications.  He was fun-loving and well-liked and his loss is deeply felt among classmates, family and friends.
The authorities conducted a search of the lake near the Sheraton Hotel and Towers but did not locate his body and the disappearance remains a mystery to this day. Anyone having any information on this case is urged to call the Chicago Police Department.
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