The Astrology of Murder–Boris Nemtsov–A Simple Murder?–Part 2

Boris Nemtsov pic (True Crime and Astrology)

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The Astrology of Politics: Boris Nemtsov–A Simple Murder–Part One

Boris Nemtsov was not a person the average American knew much about. A Russian scientist and politician, was known in his homeland as a man who rallied opposition to the current government and policies of Vladimir Putin. Even when he was murdered on a bridge in a park a stone’s throw from the Kremlin, it barely registered a blip in American newscasts.

Yet it seems that the mystery of who shot Mr. Nemtsov and why is not yielding easy answers. Wikipedia tells us that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Investigative Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service to create a single team to investigate the assassination of Nemtsov. So far, the clues on who shot Nemtsov and why are few. Continue reading

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Astrology of Missing Persons: When Missing Persons’ Cars Are Found Running

Krista Dittmeyer

Krista Dittmeyer, (Credit: Personal Photo)

(True Crime and Astrology) Stacey English, a young professional woman from Atlanta has been missing since shortly after Christmas. Her car was found running, driver’s side door open, in the lot of a police substation/library and impounded less than 9 miles from her home. Due to the inefficiencies of the Atlanta Police department, the connection between the car and the missing woman wasn’t made until after a week Stacey’s car was impounded.

A month prior Phoenix Coldon, of St. Louis, Missouri, 500 hundred miles from Atlanta, went missing under similar circumstances, car found running, and driver side’s door open. But are the similar circumstances of the disappearances of these two young black women suspiciously alike or just a coincidence?

As it turns out, though there is a string of missing women up and down the Eastern Seaboard with their cars found but not, initially, them. Are the similarities in their cases coincidence? Can their cases help track down astrologically the whereabouts of these two missing young black women?

The first of these cases in 2011 is that of Krista Dittmeyer.

Krista Dittmeyer’s car was found running with her toddler inside it on April 23, 2011. She last spoke with family members on 8:00 PM, April 22, 2011, the “last seen” date and time used on the horoscope charts. Krista’s car was found about 60 miles from her home, in another state. The Conway, NH police department wasted no time in mounting a search for the young woman, and quickly found her body in a pond near to where her car was found. Continue reading

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The Astrology of Disappearances: Comparing the cases of Stacey Peterson and Judith Bello

Drew Peterson (True Crime & Astrology) Drew Peterson wants an apology. The former Bolingbrook, Illinois police sergeant being held on 20 million dollars bail in the murder of his third wife maintains that his 4th wife is still alive. He believes his wife ran away with another man suddenly leaving their children behind.

Drew Peterson believes that Illinois State Police should apologize for casting “a huge cloud of suspicion” on him by previously stating that his wife Stacy Peterson is “missing and presumed dead.”

Peterson’s request for an apology came via a press release issued Tuesday. The release points to an unrelated case where Judith Bello, a Washington woman, had been presumed dead as she had been missing for the past 18 years, but was recently discovered to be alive, living in California earlier this month. . .

Peterson has been jailed on $20 million bail since 2009 in connection with the 2004 murder of Kathleen Savio, his third wife who was found dead in a dry bathtub in 2004, and is a suspect in the disappearance of Stacy, his fourth wife. Stacy was last seen on October 28, 2007, and friends and loved ones have said she told them she had feared for her life.

Well let’s compare the cases and the charts of Judith Bello’s and Stacey Peterson and see what if anything they have in common.

The woman explained that she left because of serious problems with her husband. She didn’t reach out to her family because she was scared of the man and worried he would cause problems for her siblings

There is one similarity between the two cases. Both women were afraid for their lives. Continue reading

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The Astrology of Missing Persons: Karen Swift Found

Karen Swift Missing Poster

Karen Swift Missing Poster

(True Crime and Astrology) Law enforcement searched her home, fields, and ponds. They used dogs and arial searches, but it was the caretaker of a local cemetery that found the body of Karen Swift.

The body of Karen Swift was found just two miles from her Tennessee home, nearly six weeks after the 44-year-old mother was reported missing. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge John Mehr told CNN that the body was discovered Saturday in Dyer County, near Bledsoe Cemetery.

Swift was last seen at 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 30.

Karen Swift had been to a Halloween party at the Dyersburg Country Club-The Farms on the Saturday evening, Oct. 29. She reportedly arrived home sometime after midnight after picking up one of her daughters from a sleepover because she did not feel well. Box stated David Swift allegedly spoke with Karen Swift briefly in the stairwell after she and the child were inside the house. Authorities allege David Swift told them he awoke the next morning (Sunday, Oct. 30) and could not find his wife and tried calling her cell phone with no answer. Soon afterward, a neighbor called David Swift to tell him Karen Swift’s SUV was on Millsfield Highway. He is then alleged to have called one of their sons in Arkansas to see if he could reach Karen Swift, but to no avail. David Swift is then reported to have called some of Karen Swift’s friends to see if they had seen her. At 2:37 p.m., a friend of Karen Swift’s called the Dyer County Sheriff’s Department and notified them she was missing and the dispatcher advised her that David Swift should call and give details. He is then reported to have called the sheriff’s department and given them details about what was going on.

Why Karen Swift would leave her home in the early morning hours of October 30 has not been answered. Why her clothes were found in bushes next to the abandoned SUV while her Halloween Costume was found in the car is a mystery. Why her husband (albeit estranged) would not become immediately concerned and go out to the SUV abandoned a half mile away is a quandry. But what is clear is that Karen Swift was murdered.

Missing since before Halloween, she was found 6 weeks later after intensive searches of the surrounding area. Astrologically, where she was found is an eye opener. Continue reading

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The Astrology of the Timeline of the Lisa Irwin Disappearance

(True Crime and Astrology)Three different timelines printed in separate sources provide a more complete detail of the events of the day Lisa Irwin went missing from her home. The timelines from “family sources” differ in details, while the third is a more objective one taken from multiple media reports.

Though the parents of Lisa Irwin remain silent, and the KS police department step down their involvement in this high profile case, new people step forward with their stories. The gaps in the timeline fill in and we can move astrologically through the last day Lisa Irwin was at home with her family.

These new clues emerged weeks after the reported abduction.

In a previous post this astrologer wrote of that in my opinion whatever happened to Lisa happened well before the reported abduction. This is based on the trigger event of the moon changing signs and conjoining the planet of transformation Pluto at around 4:30 AM. Let’s take a look of the day astrologically and see what may have happened on the day before Lisa Irwin was reported missing. Continue reading

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The Astrology of Disappearances: The Cell Phone Call from Deborah Bradley’s Phone

Lisa Irwin(True Crime and Astrology) Much has been made of the cell phones that were found missing at Lisa Irwin’s home the night she disappeared from her crib. Police attempts to locate Lisa or the cell phones have hit a dead end. Lisa’s parents decline separate interviews with the police.

Most frustrating are the shifting stories of Lisa’s parents. At first we were told Deborah Bradley, Lisa’s mother, last checked on the child at 10:30 PM. Then after video was displayed on national media of Deborah buying a box of wine, she recanted that story, saying she put Lisa, a child supposedly suffering from a cold, at bed at 6:40 PM, and then drinking enough wine that she went to bed so drunk she couldn’t remember the details of the night.

Deborah Bradley was untruthful in her initial statements to police. As observed in other blogs the emphasis for this family changed early on from doing what they can to find Lisa to protecting Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin. We can not count on “last seen” statements from Bradley or Irwin because they appear to have their, not Lisa’s interests at stake.

So what is left for astrological analysis? The phone call from Deborah Bradley’s an outbound call is made from Deborah’s Bradley phone. phone at 11:57 PM. Regardless of who made this call it has telling details about Lisa Irwin’s fate. Continue reading

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The Astrology of the Disappearance of Lisa Irwin: Pluto on the Doorstep

Lisa Irwin

Judge Judy Sheindlin gives us words to live by. “If something doesn’t make sense,” she say, “it isn’t true!”

The disappearance of 10 month old Lisa Irwin baffles. Put to bed by her mother reportedly at 10:30 PM, she was not in her crib when her father came home from work at 4:00 AM and found the front door and windows open, and all the lights on in the house. Alarmed he checks n this order, the boy’s room, children of a previous relationship of Lisa’s mom, and then Lisa’s room, who reportedly has a small cold, where he finds the child missing. He then goes to Lisa’s mom, Deborah Bradley and tells her that Lisa is not in her crib.

I said, `What do you mean she is not in her crib?’” said Bradley, who had checked on her daughter about five hours earlier. “I just knew, you know, that something was really wrong. We ran around the house and screaming for her, but she was nowhere.”

The parents search the house calling for Lisa, and unable to find her, decide to call the police. Three cell phones, left on the kitchen counter while Lisa’s mom was reprogramming them, were not there. Irwin and Bradley (Lisa’s mother) speculate that the abductor took the phones to keep them from calling the police. This plan apparently failed because by 5:00 AM police were knocking on neighbor’s doors looking for Lisa. Continue reading

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The Astrology of Missing Persons: The Death of Alice Davis

Alice Davis

Alice Davis as distributed by Wicomico County Sheriff Department

Her husband reported her missing after only hour and half gone to a shopping trip to Walmart. But from the beginning there were questions.

[Her sister] Barrie Tilghman believes something is amiss with the husband’s story that his wife went shopping Sunday evening. “For her to leave the house at that time of the day is counter-intuitive to Alice’s personality,” Tilghman said. “I’ve never known Alice to go to Walmart at 6:30 at night.

Police found her car in the Big Lots parking lot across the street from Walmart, but surveillance tapes didn’t show her at either store. In fact, the husband, Jesse Davis was seen to get out of the car at Big Lots.

As the search of Alice Davis, popular English teacher at Parkview High School just starting her 29th year there ratcheted up, Wicomico Sheriff’s Department eyed Jesse Davis as a suspect.

“Jess Davis initiated a deliberate, calculated and continuous course of deception and fabrication surrounding the disappearance of his wife,” Lewis said at a Thursday press conference, according to WBOC News.

Wicomico Bureau of Investigation (WBI) detectives questioned her husband, Jesse Davis, all week about her disappearance and possible whereabouts, and each time the story was a little different. According to reports, Jesse Davis had gaps in his memory about the events leading up to his wife’s disappearance and the discovery of her vehicle and personal belongings in a parking lot in Fruitland.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference announcing foul play was suspected in her disappearance and the investigation was now considered criminal in nature. Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis stopped short of naming any suspects in the disappearance, but it became apparent Jesse Davis had become more than just a person of interest.

But as they prepared to serve a serve warrant at Jesse and Alice’s home, a horrible discovery was made. Jesse Davis was found dead of an apparent suicide four days after he reported his wife missing.

Location of body of Alice DavisSadly the body of Alice Davis was found and identified a little more than a week after her reported disappearance.

Davis’ body was discovered by congregation members at about 5 p.m. Sunday in a wooded area behind the Supreme Council of the House of Jacob Church, about a quarter of a mile from the road, according to police.
The church is located a little more than seven miles from the Davis home on Allen Road.

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s department says they have evidence which lead them to believe Alice’s husband killed her, but they don’t say what and they do not mention a motive.

What can astrology tell us about the death of Alice Davis?

Alice was last seen by some friends in her home about 3:00 PM Sunday, so this is the time stamp used for the event chart. We know from police reports Alice’s date of birth, but we do not know the time so we can not comment on her ascendant or the moon position. Her chart is set for sunrise.

In the chart displayed the event chart is the center chart because it has a reliable time. Alice’s chart is the outer wheel.

In the event chart second house of money the Moon is in Aquarius with a Neptune and Chiron opposite Mercury. This indicates unreliability and problems in money matters. Alice’s Jupiter, the planet of “way too much” and Pluto sit on this Mercury, the planet of communications and commerce.

This Pluto connection to Mercury is an interesting thing.. Alice’s Mercury falls on transiting Pluto and her Pluto falls on transiting Mercury. And her Pluto and Jupiter is in the event chart’s eight house of other people’s money, which includes, among other things, insurance money.

We see that Alice has Venus in Capricorn, a placement that is careful with money and assets. Yet there is serious financial drain indicated by Chiron both in Alice’s chart and the event chart on the family coffers. Alice’s sister reports that Alice told her they decided to put the house up for sale.

As a teacher of 28 years, Alice could have some formidable assets piled up and one of them might be an insurance policy. Can it be that Alice’s husband was eyeing such assets to bail him out of financial trouble?

As to the placement of Alice’s body, the event chart sends us right there, with Saturn on the Midheaven degrees pointing due south. Adding the degrees of Saturn gets you seven miles and the seconds add up to 5 indicating the half mile off the road where her body was found.

It’s a chilling story all the way around.

Our condolences go out to the Davis family as they deal with this tragedy.

Alice Davis Event Chart

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Forensic Astrology Techniques: A Second Opinion on the Disappearance of Lauren Spierer

There was a brief ray of hope that Lauren Spierer had been found until an autopsy revealed that a badly decomposed body found in a creek near Indianapolis was that of an unidentified African-American woman. Despite the fact the location of this body was in a different direction from my astrological speculations this astrologer would have been just as happy to see the Spierers’ ordeal end.

The police peg Lauren’s absolutely independently verified last seen time at 2:51 AM, June 3, 2011, from surveillance camera, though they were not entirely forthcoming immediately on this information. Media kept putting out Lauren’s last seen time at 4:30 AM, the time one of her friends insist he saw her going around the corner towards her apartment building.

Readers here know that my belief is that Lauren died around 4:14 AM, so I wouldn’t use a last seen chart for 4:30 AM. However, Rose at Forensic Astrology did. While we differ in our conclusions there are things in her and mine interpretations that are similar and she does have some interesting observations. The important thing is not who is right or wrong but getting information that will help bring this case to a swift conclusion.

I do not believe Lauren was abducted, (though I always say I could be wrong) while Rose believes Lauren was abducted by someone who knew her well. I had written: Continue reading

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The Astrology of Disappearances: Where is Lauren Spierer?

Saturn points to possible location of Lauren Spierer

Saturn points South

Where is Lauren Spierer? Well, that’s the $64,000 dollar question, isn’t it? The answer is in the chart, it always is, but where in the chart is the question.

I have found that in many cases, but not all, the position of Saturn indicates the body, and the degrees on the planets connected with Saturn can indicate the number of miles the body is transported to the last location. The zodiac sign the Saturn is in may be an indicator the type of place in which body would be found.

The first chart displayed is the inverted event chart of June 03, 2011, 4:14 AM, Bloomington, Indiana overlaid on a map of the region.

Holly Wimunc’s body was found approximately 95 miles from her home in Fayetteville, NC, taken from her apartment off base to Fort Lejeune where her Marine husband was stationed. The event Saturn indicated direction of the location: adding the degrees of the planets from Pluto (excluding the Ascendant) to the Saturn/Mars combination of that day adds up to 95 the number of miles. She was found buried in a wetland a short way from the house where her husband lived. The Saturn was in Virgo. Continue reading

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