Crime Astrology: The Abduction of Lesley Perez

Most of the crime horoscopes that I work on show tragic circumstances, but the Lesley Perez case had a rare happy ending.  Lesley was last seen playing in the front yard of her Hidalgo, Texas home with her older sister on the evening of May 12, 2009.  Suddenly a stranger pulled up to the yard, knocked the sister down, grabbed Lesley and sped away in his truck.  The police were called at 9 PM.

Lesley is ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius in the 3rd house of siblings and her valiant older sister is ruled by Saturn.  This placement shows that the sister was responsible for Lesley and struggled to protect her.  Saturn at the Midheaven also lends a parental responsibility to the older sister.  Her planet Saturn is in Virgo, the detriment of Lesley’s Jupiter; Lesley probably resented this control.  At any rate, the sister fought for Lesley, but the intruder won, and drove away with Lesley in tow.

It was encouraging that Lesley’s Jupiter was not afflicted by the usual signs of violence or death and as a benefic, its rulership of Lesley was promising.  It appeared that Lesley might actually be unharmed.  Since Mercury, the intruder’s sign, was retrograde, I felt he would be caught soon and that perhaps Lesley would be found alive.

What else about the perp?  Mercury in Gemini shows he is a young person.  Venus and Mars straddling the 5th house of children shows a sex offender.  Mercury is exactly zero degrees Gemini, but retrograding into Taurus; he is beginning to lose control to his perverted passion.  But happily, both the perp and Lesley were found the very next day in a town just ten miles east of Lesley’s home.   If there can be a “best expression” of a child offender it may have been that Mercury was in its own dignity, and so the perp did not harm Lesley.  He turned out to be a 23-year old registered sex offender and was arrested for her abduction.  Lesley was returned safely to her family and Jupiter’s benevolent promise was fulfilled.

Abduction of Lesley Perez

Abduction of Lesley Perez

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