The Astrology of Disappearances: Lauren Spierer

Lauren Spierer's Missing Poster
Blurred stories and a trickled release of information from the Bloomington Indiana Police Department gives a less than clear picture of what happened to Indiana University Lauren Spierer on June 3, 2011. The one thing we know is this, Lauren Spierer has vanished.

Reportedly Lauren was at a Sports Bar with a friend Corey Rossmann while her boyfriend was at his home watching a game waiting for Lauren to call him.

Lauren left the sports bar, Kilroy’s, with Rossman sometime about 2:15 and made the short walk to her apartment with him. Video documents that Lauren was at the building but before she went up to her apartment, Rossman was confronted by a group of young men, at least one of them being the friend of Lauren’s boyfriend. Rossman was clocked in the head, from which he claims memory loss of the events of that night. We do know that Spierer went with Rossman then towards his apartment. The last known sighting of Lauren was at around 3:00 AM by a video camera in what is a described as an alley heading toward Rossman’s apartment.

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True Crime Astrology: The Fractured World of Jared Loughner, Part 1

Jared Loughner's High School Yearbook Picture

Jared Loughner in High School

The name of Jared Loughner became a household world when he opened fire a political function and killed six people and wounded a half dozen more before he was wrestled to the ground by onlookers. The attack was sudden, swift and devastating to a Middle American city that was strained by a politically charged atmosphere. It was also unfathomable.

Jared Loughner is reportedly not co-operating with the police and hasn’t provided a motive for his actions. It appears that this 22 year old man planned his attack, Apparently he didn’t expect to retain his freedom or perhaps even his life after the attack seeing that he posted online his “Final Thoughts”, a rambling and disjointed collection of repetitive t thoughts. Here is a section of it:

“Most people, who read this text, forget in the next 2 second!
The population of dreamers in the United States of America is less than 5%!
If 987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,618 is the year in B.C.E. then the previous year is 987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,619 B.C.E.
987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,618 is the year in B.C.E.
Therefore, the previous year of 987,123,478,961,876,341,234,098,601,978,619 B.C.E.
If B.C.E. years are unable to start then A.D.E. years are unable to begin.
B.C.E. years are unable to start.
Thus, A.D.E. years are unable to begin.
If A.D.E. is endless in year then the years in A.D.E. don’t cease.
A.D.E. is endless in year.
Therefore, the years in A.D.E. don’t cease.”

From these writings one gets the sense of a young man at odds with his place in the world, unable to make sense of it and trying to piece it together.

There is a long time to go before we see Loughner at trial, and any good attorney is going to make a case that Loughner is not competent to stand trial. In the meantime the question remains “why?” Why did Jared Loughner shoot into an innocent crowd of people?

Jared Loughner was born September 8, 1988 at time in history where baby boomers were making their own children, wrangling dual career marriages and family life, and video games were of the ilk of Super Mario Brothers and Pac Man. In many ways, it was a much more innocent time than today.

We don’t know much about Loughner’s parents and we aren’t going to speculate about them. However, what we do know is that Mrs. Loughner had a stable work history throughout Jared’s life, while Mr. Loughner did not. At a time that has one of the lowest unemployment rates in history and both parents generally worked this is an anomaly.

Jared’s chart features Sun in analytical Virgo conjunct his Part of Fortune, and his South Node. While we do not know his birth time most likely the Moon , representing his emotional center and his mother, is in the same sign. This gives a portrait of child that is reserved and even shy, orderly, perhaps a bit fussy. He would be constantly analyzing his world, picking apart inconsistencies and trying to figure a better way to do things. This is a lot of feminine energy, as Virgo is a feminine sign, for a young boy to grow up with.
The planet of his thinking processes, Mercury, is in the diplomatic sign of Libra. He would be drawn to keeping harmony in his world. Disharmony would a psychic drain on him.

Loughner’s natal Mars, the planet of his survival instincts, is in stress aspect, (inconjunct) to his Sun/Moon combination. He constantly struggled with finding appropriate responses to the challenges of other people and the pressures in his world either reacting too little or swinging to the other side, too much. But more than this, this Mars is the apex of Yod, called the finger of God, with the Sun/Moon combo and Pluto at the base. He has a sense a destiny that needs to fulfilled, though direct action.

Saturn, burden, limitations and authority figures square his Sun/Moon stellium. Regardless of the circumstances of his birth and his actual relationship with his parents, he came into the world feeling “less than” other people, that he could not measure up. His analytically oriented Sun and Moon would reinforce this feeling. This Saturn position would also reinforce feelings of shyness and a feeling that there was “something wrong with him.”

Yet for all of this, his Venus, the planet of his value systems is in the prideful sign of Leo. He needs what anyone with a significant Leo signature needs, to be the center of attention. Anytime he is not would reinforce the his feelings of unworthiness.

Conjunct his Saturn and square his Sun/Moon combination is the planet of the unexpected Uranus. For Jared anything that did not fit his mentally ordered world would be a disruption from left field. Anything unexpected would hit him as if from left field.

An illustration of this was from an incident at school when he had just turned sixteen. On Sept. 23, 2004, Police were called but Loughner declined to press charges against Anthony “Tony” Kurz for stabbing him with a “pin, a stolen type needle,” on his upper right arm. Loughner said he did not realize at first he had been “poked.” The report goes on to say: “He stated as soon as he figured out that he was poked with a needle, he started to become pale, got dizzy, could not stand and had to be helped to a nurse’s office.”

The arrest report said there was some bizarre hammering needle device that Kurz claimed to have built from a pen and tried on himself, but was unsuccessful at puncturing his own skin. The report goes on to state: “(Loughner said his parents) do not want to press charges at this time; however they do want Tony tested to see if he has HIV or any other kind of disease.”

AT the time of this incident transiting Mercury and Mars conjuncts his Sun and squares his Saturn. Jared doesn’t know how to respond owing to inconjunct to his Mars from his moon. His parents response, not wanting to press charges in a sense, not protecting him against his attacker, reinforces the idea there is something wrong not with the other child, but with him.

Next Post: Loughner’s World Continues to Unravel

The following news articles were used in research for this post:

The Crazed Internet Rantings of Jared Loughner

Sheriff Releases Loughner’s Arrest Record

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The Astrology of Justice: The Hearing of Major Nidal Hasan

Major. Nidal Hasan in 2007The perpetrator of the worst-ever military base shooting, Major Nidal Hasan, faces the surviving victims of his rampage today at the first day of his Article 32 hearing. This hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence to put him on trial for murder.

Hasan’s lawyer, retired Army Col. John Galligan, has hinted that he could pursue an insanity defense. “If there’s a sanity board issue enough that presents a realistic mental responsibility issue, we could be talking about the possibility of an acquittal,” Galligan told the Express-News

An astrological analysis of Major Hason in a previous post I concluded that after the death of his parents Hasan turned inward in his grief and tried to reconcile his loss through his religion. However, the more he delved into his religion he found it difficult to reconcile his career choice with his religion. Instead of finding comfort, he found more pain, especially when it came to a U. S. Military at war with people with whom he identified.

In his confused thinking he may have equated his plan with striking a blow to protest U.S. military involvement in sovereign Moslem nations. My personal take on this was that Hasan was planning suicide, since Pluto in its extreme form can represent suicide, by law enforcement. He didn’t expect to live through the event.

Clearly Major Hasan was a severly conflicted man, but whether or not that equates with insanity is another matter altogether.

The planets today do not bode well for an insanity defense. Venus and Mars in the sky is in tension aspect to Saturn, which may represent Hasan’s lawyer, a former military judge. The Sun in Libra is inconjunct Saturn as well, which indicates a court seesawing between two extremes. There will not be much sympathy for Hasan, mentally ill or not which is not surprising because of the number of dead and wounded soldiers that came out of this unfortunate event. Though I could be wrong, It is most likely he will be bound over for trial for premeditated murder.

What is your take on the astrological aspects of this hearing?

Major Hasan's Article 32 Hearing

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The Astrology of Missing Persons–Susan Powell Still Missing

Since Susan Powell disappeared from her Utah home December 6, 2009, the family of Susan Powell has been contacted at least seven times with news of unidentified bodies that might have been Susan Powell.

Her friend Shelby Gifford says:

“It’s difficult to get the phone call. It stops you in your tracks,”

Josh Powell, her husband, is still considered as a person of interest, but until she is found, the investigation is stalled.

West Valley, Utah police have an opportunity now to find hidden details in or about her home now that Venus and Mars in Scorpio have moved over her natal Vesta, a planetoid that talks about a woman’s role as nurturer of home and hearth.

The theme of secrets that were hidden is repeated in transiting Pluto has crossing the Midheaven of her sunrise chart. Many more details about her can come out into the light, since the Midheaven represents the full light of day.

Perhaps she will be discovered when the Sun moves over her Saturn next month. One would hope. Susan Powell’s loved one shouldn’t have to keep receiving phones about bodies that match her description.
Susan Powell Secrets to Be Found

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The Astrology of a Bizarre Death: Jacqueline Kotarac

Jacqueline Kotarac

(True Crime & Astrology) A bizarre death. Strange circumstances. These can only be the descriptions of the death of Dr. Jacqueline Kotarac, whose body was found wedged in a chimney flu in the home of the on again off again boyfriend with who she was slated to leave with on a vacation that he paid for in a matter of days.

Her hometown Bakersfield, CA newspaper reports:

The incident began Wednesday at about 10:15 p.m. — some two hours after Kotarac was driven to her home in the Tuscany neighborhood near Lake Ming — when she drove herself to Moodie’s home in the 4300 block of La Mirada, a few blocks east of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel . . . Kotarac apparently used a shovel to try to break into the back door . .

When that didn’t work police speculate that Kotarac, possibly in a drunken state, climbed a permanently fixed ladder to the roof, removed the chimney cap and slid feet first in a opening that was no bigger than 10 x 15 inches.

According to the boyfriend, he left the house through the back door to avoid her, spent the night somewhere else, returned home the next day and didn’t notice anything amiss. Her assistant contacted him the Thursday when Kotarac didn’t show up for work, came to his house, together they searched the house, found Kotarac’s purse and car keys by the back door, and her car parked “somewhere near.” Incredibly the assistant then decides to take Kotarac’s car, despite the fact she is missing, to Los Angeles to “update Kotarac’s passport” for the upcoming trip. They both report her missing to the police. Even though Kotarac doesn’t show up for the trip, he leaves anyway on Friday. It was a house sitter who noticed foul smells and dripping liquids in the fireplace and who called the police.

Police then discovered a body lodged in the chimney and flue.  . . .Bakersfield firefighters dismantled the chimney Saturday night and Sunday morning, the day Kotarac would have turned 50 years old.

The autopsy report, released Tuesday, lists her death as “accidental asphyxiation.” The police while initially investigated the case as suspicious, now believes that it was an accident as well and never considered the boyfriend a suspect.

What does astrology have to say about this very strange case?

Kotarac’s Personality

In Jacqueline Kotarac’s chart we can not talk about the moon or house positions because we do not have the time of birth. However, we do have the other planetary positions on which to build a personality analysis.

Dr. Kotarac had many planets in the sign of Virgo, Mercury, the Sun, Pluto, the North Node and Venus. This potent collection of planets in one sign is called a stellium representing a life emphasis of one particular zodiac sign. Virgo especially is a sign that is often associated with the healing arts, so her profession is not a surprise. Here is a woman who is mentally agile, with a keen ability to analyze and organize. No sign cares more compassionately for the ill than Virgo. With Venus sitting in the stellium, she made money doing it.

However, combust, that is sitting exactly with, the Sun is Pluto, the powerful planet of transformation. Pluto/Sun individuals have a drive for perfection; to control everything and everyone in their immediate environment. With the planet of illusion, Neptune in friendly energetic connection with Pluto, she had a tendency to over romanticize the object of her desire, often so much that he would be without flaw. In terms of romantic relationships, Sun/Pluto people are often drawn to individuals much too intensely, mistaking their intense feelings for love. Often their intense feelings are not returned in the same manner. If they are frustrated in their desires, they can engage in obsessive behaviors such as jealous rages and stalking.

In opposition to this stellium is the Chiron, the wounded healer. All her brilliance, her compassion, her ability to care, the intensity of her emotions was to Dr. Kotarac a raw open wound of vulnerability. It is easy to speculate that in a drive for perfection, Dr. Kotarac  found herself lacking in many respects. She was, most likely, very hard on herself.

Additionally, her Mars, the planet representing her sexual drive, her survival instincts and the lovers in her life was in the sign of Gemini. People with Mars in Gemini often have problems with fidelity in their relationships, either on their part or the part of their partners. With Dr. Kotarac’s emphasis on obtaining perfection, any infidelity on the part of her partner would be transformed erroneously into some fault of hers that prevented her lover from being faithful. With Jupiter opposite her Mars, all of this is intensified to gigantic proportions.

The Event Chart

So much of Moody’s story does not make sense that one wonders what he is hiding. While all of this is speculative, the Event Chart holds tantalizing clues of why the event of why the events of Wednesday night transpired.

Immediately obvious in the event chart is Kotarac’s stellium falls into the fifth house of romantic relationships  conjunct the Event Chart Sun. Clearly she was focused on her lover. But something else is in that fifth house, Mercury, which often signifies a young person and considering Kotarac’s Mars in Gemini, one can conclude that Moody had a young woman in his house. Here is the reason he did not want to talk to Kotarac, and why she was so intent on getting into the house.

In the Event Chart, Jupiter and Uranus opposes Saturn, Mars and Venus, and all of that squares Pluto. Jupiter and Uranus together signify explosive situations, squaring Pluto, revealing dubious activities, opposing Saturn, Mars and Venus in the relationship oriented sign of Libra, of sexual nature.

The Sun in the fifth house signifies the boyfriend. Here Sun trines Pluto which is the planet of death. I don’t like it, and if I were the investigator on this case, I’d be looking at the boyfriend more closely. But hey, what do I know? I am only an astrologer and the police have stated he is not a suspect.

In any case, Saturn, representing the body is in the sign of Capricorn which indicates closed and confined spaces, so descriptive of the place Dr. Kotarac died in such a bizarre way.

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The Strange Case of Amy Bishop: Sleuthing Birth Info on the Web

amy-bishop-arrestAmy Bishop walked into a meeting, and shot six people killing three. Later we find out that she killed her brother in a pronounced accidental shooting 20 years prior. There were other incidents, a strange confrontation with a woman in an IHOP, an investigation as a suspect in a pipe bombing. As with anything with Amy Bishop the details and motivations aren’t clear.

Also perplexing is the lack of good birth info on Amy Bishop which points out the care that is needed in accepting birth information on the web. As we shall see, even sources that usually can be trusted need to be fact checked before we can confidently use the information for our astrology charts.

In the case of Amy Bishop, the first birth information (since changed) was a generalized date of February 1965. The source was the original Wikipedia entry citing a listing of scientists. Then a reporter listed the University of Alabama Huntsville Faculty information as April 24, 1965. Muddying the waters still is the inmate information from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office that lists her birthday as February 4, 1968.

What’s an astrologer to do?

Digging in Amy Bishop’s personal history, we find that the Braintree Police department listed her age as 18 in 1986 in the incident reports of the fatal shooting of her brother. That would put her birth year as 1968. That was the birth year of her brother who according the police report was born on April 9, 1968. Since Amy Bishop is not a twin, this is clearly not possible.

As we find out Amy Bishop graduated High School in 1983 and was graduated from Northwestern University in 1988. These events puts Amy’s birth year closer to 1965 than 1968, so the 1968 birth year can be discarded.

So what about the birth month and date? And why all the confusion?

Amy Bishop’s life is marked with a traumatic event and subsequent random acts of anger and violence. In the case of traumatic events like this involving a sibling it is not unusual for the surviving child to use the birth date of the deceased sibling. Katherine Hepburn did it for years, using the birth date of the brother she found dead by hanging as her own.

As stated in a previous post, a February birth date is consistent with the violent events of the University of Hunstville, Alabama tragedy. One would like to think that the Madison County Sheriff’s Office got part of it right, but the fact is at this moment, we just don’t know.

Me, I’m guessing her birth date is February 4, 1965. Anyone with better info, please let me know.

Web Sources to Check for Birthdates

Astro Data Bank at large assortment of celebrity birth data
Police reports—except in unusual cases usually reliable
Obituaries—Most of the time prints birth dates, though not always
Gravemarkers—Occasionally printed as photographs
Facebook/My Space info—Newspaper sources occasionally gets access for high profile cases and prints the information
Newspaper articles—usually reliable, must fact checked against other sources
Wikipedia-Helpful but not reliable. Use as a starting point.

Photo printed under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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Astrology of Missing 4-Year-Old Boy

Event chart for disappearance of Marc Anthomy Bookal

Disappearance of Four-Year Old Left in Boyfriend’s Care

Marc Anthony Bookal was left in the care of his mother’s boyfriend on the afternoon of December 14, 2009.  Around 1 PM little Marc reportedly wandered out of the apartment via an open door and was not seen again.

Marc is shown by the Ascendant, ruled by Mars in 19 degrees Leo in the fifth house of children and recreation.  He wanted to go out and play.  But Mars also rules the eighth house of death (Scorpio) so his fate is unfortunate.  Mars is peregrine in Leo so he is unable to help himself, and with opposition to Jupiter and Neptune, he becomes lost and disoriented, possibly, kidnapped.

The Part of Fortune is at 26 Pisces in the twelfth house.  The Part of Fortune often shows the outcome of a situation, its “hidden treasure” or result.  The twelfth house describes a sad ending wrapped in secrecy.  To this day no one knows exactly what happened to Marc and the news reported last month that a three-week search for the body had been finally called off without success.

I believe the horoscope suggests death by drowning.  The fourth house end of the matter is Cancer, the eighth house of death has Scorpio, a water sign on its cusp, and the Part of Fortune is in the watery sign Pisces.  There was a river near Marc’s apartment, which had been searched but unfortunately his body was not found.

The horoscope suggests that the mother (Saturn in Libra in the sixth) had some problems with Marc as Mars and Saturn are in negative mutual reception.  The Moon also rules the mother, which is peregrine in Sagittarius in the eighth.  While she had no involvement in her son’s disappearance the planets suggest an inability to care for him as she may have wished.  She left him in the care of her boyfriend, who had a criminal past.  The boyfriend has been charged with negligence in Marc’s disappearance so she has paid a terrible price for leaving Marc in his care.  Marc is now on the national missing children list.

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The Astrology of the University of Alabama Shootings: Under an Aquarian Moon

A Amy Bishop Arrest[/caption]>“research star” of the University of Alamaba faculty, was arrested and charged with one count of felony murder after allegedly opening fire on the tenure committee, killing three. Shortly after 4 p.m. is when Amy Bishop allegedly walked into the Shelby Center, went to the 3rd floor and started gunning down co-workers in a faculty meeting.

Why would an accomplished scientist with a husband, family and career do such a thing?

Impressive Resume

Dr. Bishop received her doctorate from Harvard University’s Department of Genetics and came to UAHuntsville in the fall of 2003 as an assistant professor of biology. UAHuntsville’s website listed her courses taught as:

BYS 313: Anatomy & Physiology 1
BYS 314: Anatomy & Physiology 2
BYS 400/600: Introduction to Neuroscience
Special Topics 691: Mechanisms of resistance to oxidative stress in the CNS
Special Topics 692: Research

She also conducted numerous research projects focused on molecular biology of oxidative stress, neurobiology, neuroengineering and induced adaptive resistance and has been cited in multiple publications.

Praised by University President

Bishop [is the ] co-inventor of “InQ,” a new cell growth incubator which promised to cut the costs, size and maintenance involved in the mechanics of cell generation. This achievement was praised by the University of Alabama President.

This remarkable technology, which will change the way biological and medical research is conducted, was developed by Dr. Amy Bishop, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Then, the collective support of Biztech and the Huntsville Angel Network helped InQ get to market.


Multiple sources have stated that Dr. Bishop was notified Friday morning she would not be receiving tenure, and that this served as the catalyst in Friday’s tragedy. Dr. This decision was the result of Dr. Bishop’s appeal of the denial of her original request for tenure.

The Event Chart

The event chart is set up for 4:10 PM since the news reports said Dr. Bishop walked in shortly after 4:00 PM and there could have been some back and forth about the appeal. Of course, we don’t have an accurate time, since the investigation is still proceeding.

However, it is no surprise that a Yod, called the Finger of God, in which events that happen that appear to be fated, is the foremost configuration of this tragedy. Mars Retrograde is at the base of one leg of the Yod, with Saturn, the planet of restrictions at the other. At the apex of the Yod is three planets, the Jupiter, Venus and Neptune that describe the two men and one woman that were killed.

Notice as well that there is a second Yod, from the apex of the Yod at one leg and Pluto, the planet of transformation on the other going back to Mars. This the configuration that I spoke about in the horoscope for this week, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

Three more were injured, again two men and one woman, represented by the Sun, Moon and Mercury sitting very close to the apex of the Yod. The difference between the first set of three and the second is a sextile, indicating opportunity, from Pluto to the apex of the Yod, though the person represented by the Sun is very, very close to Neptune, which indicates the victim is in critical condition and his life hangs in the balance.

According to Wikipedia, the only birth date available for Dr. Bishop was “February 1965”. One speculates that Dr. Bishop’s sun sign is Aquarius. If this were true, while her actions are not, her sense of frustration and that the tenure process was “not fair” is understandable. The planet of action Mars is retrograde, that is, appears to be going backward in it’s path. Many Aquarians are feeling a sense of being held back and held in place, by the double action of Mars Retrograde and Saturn in Libra. Saturn is the zodiac sign of relationships, and so it makes perfect sense that other people, a tenure committee, decides her fate. As the moon swung in the sign of Aquarius as it opposed Mars, her sense of frustration as well as he sense of reality came to an unfortunate breaking point.

Had Dr. Bishop consulted an astrologer, she would have been told by just about anyone that this was not the right time to seek favors from people in authority and it would be best to wait for another time to do so.

Because we do not know Dr. Bishop’s chart yet, we do not know what caused her break with reality. We only know that it happened under an Aquarian moon, a time when we can expect the unexpected.


UAH Shootings

Photo printed under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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Experimental Forensic Astrology: Where is Susan Powell?

Susan Powell

Susan Powell

Susan Powell, 28, has been missing since Dec. 7. Josh told police he went camping in a remote area of Tooele County about 12:30 a.m. that day with his two boys. When he returned, his wife was gone. Thursday, a body wrapped in duct-taped plastic was discovered about 40 miles outside West Wendover, Nev., creating high speculation that Powell’s body may have been found. Investigators determined quickly, however, the body was not Powell.
“The position they’re taking is they’re relieved that it’s not Susan,” said family spokeswoman Shelby Gifford. “And after the pain of the last month, their hearts are pretty tender.””

The question remains, where is Susan Powell? Law Enforcement has been tight lipped about its investigation, a tip off sign that they feel they have tender evidence that points to a perpetrator. Yet Law Enforcement is moving at a snail’s pace and strangely there seems to be no organized searches for Susan Powell.

The Event Chart of the night Susan Powell was last seen by her husband shows telling clues as to what may have happened to Susan and where she might be found.

In an event chart the planet Saturn usually indicates the physical body. Since we do not have Susan’s birth time, we must use the time erected for the Last Seen chart. Here we see that Saturn is in challenge aspect to Pluto and Mercury. Either there was more than one person involved in Susan’s disappearance or one of the children saw what happened to his mother.

Transiting Saturn (the event chart Saturn) is just beginning the important cycle, the Saturn Return in Susan’s chart. Unfortunately, Susan does not get to experience this important cycle in this lifetime. There is no doubt in this chart. With the line up of planets like a choo choo train including the planet of death Pluto, there is no doubt. Susan has passed on.

Where can we find Susan Powell?

We look to the planet Saturn for the disposition and location of the body. Regular readers know that I have referred to an experimental map technique that uses the position of the planets and the degrees of those planets to suggest possible locations of remains. In the case of Susan Powell, in her natal chart, the stellium of planets in the zodiac sign of Libra suggests her remains are in a location west of her home approximately 131 miles from her home. These planets line up on the Ascendant/Descendant axis. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Route 80 running through the Utah desert to Nevada is nearly a straight line. 131 miles takes you to the border town of Wendover. Is this the area where Susan can be found?

The stellium of planets in Susan’s chart is in the sign of Libra, within a few degrees of transiting Saturn. Debra Houlding describes the locations associated with Libra:

As an air sign, Libra governs places that are exposed to light and air or those that are high off the ground. Externally this includes places where the air is clear and sharp, such as mountains and hillsides. It also rules windmills and places that deal with the processing of wind power. Traditionally it is said to rule places where hunting and hawking is used – in our modern world we can extend this to air force bases, airports, and high communication towers. It is also given rulership over sandy and gravely ground, saw-pits, places where wood is cut or stored, and to barns or out-houses that lie away from other dwellings.

Is the route Susan Powell's body was taken?

As it so happens Wendover fits these conditions. The former Hill Air Force Base, now Wendover Airport is located in Wendover. The Bonneville Salt Flats State Park is nearby and mountains of substantial elevation just north of the town. Furthermore other indicators in the chart seem to indicate this location as well. Wendover has the map coordinates of 40 degrees N 114 degrees W. In the event chart the Moon and Mars added together come to 40 degrees precisely, and Mars moving over that Moon and Mars show movement west.

It would even be more chilling if a sum from the planets in these charts could add up to the latitude of Wendover, but no, the closet we can come is either 116 degrees which is beyond West Wendover in the state of Nevada or 106 which would put the location in Denver, CO which is unlikely. It would make sense for a murderer to try to move a body out of state, so we can’t discount the possibility that where Susan was placed could be Nevada even in the approximate location of where the Hispanic male body was found. However, from the chart is clear on the direction in which she was taken and that she was taken far from her home.

Horoscope Chart Susan Powell Last Seen

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Another Look at the Susan Powell Tragedy

My colleague Beth’s analysis of the Susan Powell disappearance agrees exactly with my findings.  The reason I’m even blogging about it, then, is that we used two entirely different horoscopes from which to glean our information.  I’m adding this point to show just how many facets of Astrology can shed the same light on mysterious — and tragic — circumstances.

For my analysis I used the time given by the husband for taking his kids camping.  A half-past midnight camping trip in freezing weather was given as the husband’s alibi — and it also served as a viable timeline for Susan’s disappearance.

The chart describes a violent ending for Susan, in her own home, which I  hope I am wrong about.  However, my findings and Beth’s gel very well as far as Mr Powell is concerned.

He is shown by Jupiter conjunct Neptune straddling the unfortunate sixth house which is not a happy house to find one’s husband in.  It is the house of sickness and misfortune, the nasty things out of our control that happen to us.  The husband is being deceptive.  His behavior contributes to Susan’s unhappiness.  Some have already questioned the weird alibi about going camping with the kids in the middle of the night in freezing weather.  What else could be going on here?

Chart of Susan Powell Disappearance

Chart of Susan Powell Disappearance

In medieval times it was common for people to consult astrologers to find out whether the spouse was having an affair.  In such horoscopes one looked to the disposition of the Descendant, the Moon and Mars.  If the Moon was in Mars’ sign, and applying, chances were good that the beloved was stepping out.

Here we have a fiery Moon in Leo applying to Mars in Leo in the fifth house of the husband’s love affairs.  This describes a passionate affair with a dominant, self-centered woman.  The Moon-Mars opposes Jupiter so she has probably made demands on Susan’s husband and challenged him to leave her.  Sun, ruling the Leo combination, is in the third house so this woman is likely a neighbor or at least lives near by the Powells.

For her analysis Beth used Susan’s natal chart, and I used an event chart, yet both sources yielded the same information.  Every horoscope has a story to tell.  If we learn the language of astrology, it will speak volumes to us.

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