Another Look at the Susan Powell Tragedy

My colleague Beth’s analysis of the Susan Powell disappearance agrees exactly with my findings.  The reason I’m even blogging about it, then, is that we used two entirely different horoscopes from which to glean our information.  I’m adding this point to show just how many facets of Astrology can shed the same light on mysterious — and tragic — circumstances.

For my analysis I used the time given by the husband for taking his kids camping.  A half-past midnight camping trip in freezing weather was given as the husband’s alibi — and it also served as a viable timeline for Susan’s disappearance.

The chart describes a violent ending for Susan, in her own home, which I  hope I am wrong about.  However, my findings and Beth’s gel very well as far as Mr Powell is concerned.

He is shown by Jupiter conjunct Neptune straddling the unfortunate sixth house which is not a happy house to find one’s husband in.  It is the house of sickness and misfortune, the nasty things out of our control that happen to us.  The husband is being deceptive.  His behavior contributes to Susan’s unhappiness.  Some have already questioned the weird alibi about going camping with the kids in the middle of the night in freezing weather.  What else could be going on here?

Chart of Susan Powell Disappearance

Chart of Susan Powell Disappearance

In medieval times it was common for people to consult astrologers to find out whether the spouse was having an affair.  In such horoscopes one looked to the disposition of the Descendant, the Moon and Mars.  If the Moon was in Mars’ sign, and applying, chances were good that the beloved was stepping out.

Here we have a fiery Moon in Leo applying to Mars in Leo in the fifth house of the husband’s love affairs.  This describes a passionate affair with a dominant, self-centered woman.  The Moon-Mars opposes Jupiter so she has probably made demands on Susan’s husband and challenged him to leave her.  Sun, ruling the Leo combination, is in the third house so this woman is likely a neighbor or at least lives near by the Powells.

For her analysis Beth used Susan’s natal chart, and I used an event chart, yet both sources yielded the same information.  Every horoscope has a story to tell.  If we learn the language of astrology, it will speak volumes to us.

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