The Astrology of Justice: The Hearing of Major Nidal Hasan

Major. Nidal Hasan in 2007The perpetrator of the worst-ever military base shooting, Major Nidal Hasan, faces the surviving victims of his rampage today at the first day of his Article 32 hearing. This hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence to put him on trial for murder.

Hasan’s lawyer, retired Army Col. John Galligan, has hinted that he could pursue an insanity defense. “If there’s a sanity board issue enough that presents a realistic mental responsibility issue, we could be talking about the possibility of an acquittal,” Galligan told the Express-News

An astrological analysis of Major Hason in a previous post I concluded that after the death of his parents Hasan turned inward in his grief and tried to reconcile his loss through his religion. However, the more he delved into his religion he found it difficult to reconcile his career choice with his religion. Instead of finding comfort, he found more pain, especially when it came to a U. S. Military at war with people with whom he identified.

In his confused thinking he may have equated his plan with striking a blow to protest U.S. military involvement in sovereign Moslem nations. My personal take on this was that Hasan was planning suicide, since Pluto in its extreme form can represent suicide, by law enforcement. He didn’t expect to live through the event.

Clearly Major Hasan was a severly conflicted man, but whether or not that equates with insanity is another matter altogether.

The planets today do not bode well for an insanity defense. Venus and Mars in the sky is in tension aspect to Saturn, which may represent Hasan’s lawyer, a former military judge. The Sun in Libra is inconjunct Saturn as well, which indicates a court seesawing between two extremes. There will not be much sympathy for Hasan, mentally ill or not which is not surprising because of the number of dead and wounded soldiers that came out of this unfortunate event. Though I could be wrong, It is most likely he will be bound over for trial for premeditated murder.

What is your take on the astrological aspects of this hearing?

Major Hasan's Article 32 Hearing

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1 Response to The Astrology of Justice: The Hearing of Major Nidal Hasan

  1. I calculated Major Nidal Hasan as born on a 3w2 chameleon day.
    An imago type person that wants to please and help others (often according to his parental values) , but easily forgets his own inner needs.
    In this case a conflict between different parental (which religion/politics do I identify with?) cultures seems to me a likely cause of heavy inner confusion and conflict.



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