The Astrology of Missing Persons–Susan Powell Still Missing

Since Susan Powell disappeared from her Utah home December 6, 2009, the family of Susan Powell has been contacted at least seven times with news of unidentified bodies that might have been Susan Powell.

Her friend Shelby Gifford says:

“It’s difficult to get the phone call. It stops you in your tracks,”

Josh Powell, her husband, is still considered as a person of interest, but until she is found, the investigation is stalled.

West Valley, Utah police have an opportunity now to find hidden details in or about her home now that Venus and Mars in Scorpio have moved over her natal Vesta, a planetoid that talks about a woman’s role as nurturer of home and hearth.

The theme of secrets that were hidden is repeated in transiting Pluto has crossing the Midheaven of her sunrise chart. Many more details about her can come out into the light, since the Midheaven represents the full light of day.

Perhaps she will be discovered when the Sun moves over her Saturn next month. One would hope. Susan Powell’s loved one shouldn’t have to keep receiving phones about bodies that match her description.
Susan Powell Secrets to Be Found

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