Astrology of Missing 4-Year-Old Boy

Event chart for disappearance of Marc Anthomy Bookal

Disappearance of Four-Year Old Left in Boyfriend’s Care

Marc Anthony Bookal was left in the care of his mother’s boyfriend on the afternoon of December 14, 2009.  Around 1 PM little Marc reportedly wandered out of the apartment via an open door and was not seen again.

Marc is shown by the Ascendant, ruled by Mars in 19 degrees Leo in the fifth house of children and recreation.  He wanted to go out and play.  But Mars also rules the eighth house of death (Scorpio) so his fate is unfortunate.  Mars is peregrine in Leo so he is unable to help himself, and with opposition to Jupiter and Neptune, he becomes lost and disoriented, possibly, kidnapped.

The Part of Fortune is at 26 Pisces in the twelfth house.  The Part of Fortune often shows the outcome of a situation, its “hidden treasure” or result.  The twelfth house describes a sad ending wrapped in secrecy.  To this day no one knows exactly what happened to Marc and the news reported last month that a three-week search for the body had been finally called off without success.

I believe the horoscope suggests death by drowning.  The fourth house end of the matter is Cancer, the eighth house of death has Scorpio, a water sign on its cusp, and the Part of Fortune is in the watery sign Pisces.  There was a river near Marc’s apartment, which had been searched but unfortunately his body was not found.

The horoscope suggests that the mother (Saturn in Libra in the sixth) had some problems with Marc as Mars and Saturn are in negative mutual reception.  The Moon also rules the mother, which is peregrine in Sagittarius in the eighth.  While she had no involvement in her son’s disappearance the planets suggest an inability to care for him as she may have wished.  She left him in the care of her boyfriend, who had a criminal past.  The boyfriend has been charged with negligence in Marc’s disappearance so she has paid a terrible price for leaving Marc in his care.  Marc is now on the national missing children list.

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