Forensic Astrology Techniques: A Second Opinion on the Disappearance of Lauren Spierer

There was a brief ray of hope that Lauren Spierer had been found until an autopsy revealed that a badly decomposed body found in a creek near Indianapolis was that of an unidentified African-American woman. Despite the fact the location of this body was in a different direction from my astrological speculations this astrologer would have been just as happy to see the Spierers’ ordeal end.

The police peg Lauren’s absolutely independently verified last seen time at 2:51 AM, June 3, 2011, from surveillance camera, though they were not entirely forthcoming immediately on this information. Media kept putting out Lauren’s last seen time at 4:30 AM, the time one of her friends insist he saw her going around the corner towards her apartment building.

Readers here know that my belief is that Lauren died around 4:14 AM, so I wouldn’t use a last seen chart for 4:30 AM. However, Rose at Forensic Astrology did. While we differ in our conclusions there are things in her and mine interpretations that are similar and she does have some interesting observations. The important thing is not who is right or wrong but getting information that will help bring this case to a swift conclusion.

I do not believe Lauren was abducted, (though I always say I could be wrong) while Rose believes Lauren was abducted by someone who knew her well. I had written:

One thing that sticks out in the event charts of that evening is that following the Venus/Mars combination is Mercury representing a young man or two young men that follows Venus/Mars. This looks like some sort of stalking activity, that someone is watching Spierer and noting her movements.

Rose concludes:

Notice in the chart how Mars is just ahead of Venus. Venus is in her dignity in the first house so it shows Lauren moving along of her own free will. This person (Mars) is behind her along the same path. Mars in Taurus is disposed of by Venus so this person was waiting for her and this was not random. She was definitely “targeted”.

Here Rose uses Mars as a symbol of the perpetrator. This can be a very valid conclusion and can not be dismissed easily. However, I believe it is important to take each chart on a case by case basis. The symbols for the personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus have many meanings. Readers will note that I have interpreted Mars as a symbol for the man she was walking with Corey Rossman, who on his own is a whole lot of trouble but is not the perpetrator. I will note that I’ve been taken to task offline for this conclusion.

While I used the transiting Midheaven to track Lauren’s movements, Rose uses a technique based on the movement of the houses to track the movements of the victim and the victim’s body. This a very interesting technique on its own and can be very useful.

Rose tells us:

“In this same chart, for 6 am (shown below), Saturn has moved into the fifth house, showing the dead body to be in some body’s bedroom. Saturn is in Libra so this is on the second floor of the house (“up in the air”). Aquarius rules the tenth so this is a “community” of some sort with two story structures and lots of tech devices like satellite dishes, ham radio antennas, lightning rods, outdoor lighting systems, rooftop helicopter pads, HDTV antennas, Digital long range TV antennas, etc… There may be an airport or airstrip nearby or a train depot or train tracks that run nearby. It may be a private type community where you have to be a “member”, which is typical of Aquarius. Uranus is in Aries in the eleventh, adding a few new descriptors. Aries would describe newly turned ground so there may be new construction in the area or in the community. Aries also describes hilly ground so perhaps there are hills in the area or a single hill somewhere in the road leading into the community. Aries also describes entrances so I am thinking a hill near the entrance. Aries also rules ceilings, roofs and walls so there is a chance that he actually hid her body in the walls of his home.”

We do know there is construction nearby the place Lauren was last seen, in back of Corey Rossman’s apartment, in fact. Rose goes on to tell us that later Lauren is moved to another location, though she says, using the zodiac signs as a guide, in a direction North by Northwest. While this is the opposite direction of what I’ve concluded though it is interesting to note that she says the distance is less than ten miles from the event location.

Rose’s interpretation is not for the faint of heart, but I think the timeline of the movement of Lauren’s body is a very interesting one and merits study. It may also be a useful timeline for LE to use in pegging the movements of the persons of interest against this timeline to see possibly if anything sticks out.

Photo printed under a Creative Commons license from Photobucket.

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5 Responses to Forensic Astrology Techniques: A Second Opinion on the Disappearance of Lauren Spierer

  1. Lovejac says:

    Interesting. I actually read her reading last night. Have you ever listed the astroids from your first chart?

    I think everyone is suspicious of Corey because he says he can’t remember. But, he was drinking, and possible taking drugs AND he got hit in the head. Just two of those alone is enough to make anyone have trouble remembering.

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Since this is an active investigation, I’m not going to release publicly the name of suspects as shown in the name asteroids.

  2. Lovejac says:

    I respect that. I was just curious 🙂

  3. Lovejac says:

    Beth. Do you have an astrological opinion on whether this case will ever be solved? or whether Lauren’s body will ever be found?

    Mrs. Spierer’s most recent letter is just heartbreaking to read 🙁

  4. Andrea says:

    I lived in bloomington, but moved a couple of months before this happened and there are railroad tracks that run through there. Lots of college students cross those tracks and they are surrounded by trees. The girls who lived above us said some creepy guy had chased one of them down those many months before this happened. I had a dream I found very disturbing during the winter before this happened. I thought it applied to other things going on metaphorically but I keep thinkjng maybe it this, but the skeleton of a blond woman was formed into a harp hanging in an attic, the skull was pulled back and upward. The celtsbelieved that harps made of bones of murder victims would play the killers name. I get the chills just thinking about this dream, I ran from the skeleton in horror in my dream.

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