What happened to Brendan Chobod?

Eleven year-old Brendan Chobod mysteriously disappeared from his Saginaw, Michigan home on the morning of September 11, 2009.  He was last seen by his babysitter at 11:00 AM so I cast the chart for that time.

Horoscope for time Brendan Chobod last seen

Horoscope for time Brendan Chobod last seen

When I work on horoscopes of child abductions I usually hope for the best but expect the worst.  This time I was very pleased to find that there were no aspects indicating a tragic ending for Brendan.  He is ruled by Mars in Cancer in the ninth house of a distant place.  Mars is very weak, being in its fall in Cancer, and in a cadent house.  Brendan had asthma and other debilitating health problems that could become life-threatening if he were not found quickly.   He cannot help himself.  But Mars is also in the terms of Jupiter and Venus, which are beneficial planets.  This is an encouraging sign that nothing harmful has happened to Brendan, other than wandering away or being taken from his home.

In his condition he would not have been able to run away on his own, so I looked to the seventh house to find out more about his abductor.

Also encouraging is the ruler of the seventh house, which is Venus in Leo in the tenth.  I believe the abductor had some authority over the boy, or some kind of a parental type of caregiver relationship.  Venus is in the terms of the Sun and Jupiter so I don’t sense that this person had bad intentions.  But Venus is also opposed by Jupiter and Neptune so the perpetrator had misguided and confused intentions of helping or saving Brendan from something, as Brendan was literally removed from his home (4th house).

So where did Brendan end up?  Mars being in the ninth says that he was pretty far away before being discovered.  In fact the day after his disappearance he was found in Sandusky, Ohio, with his friend Andrew Smith, who had been a neighbor of his until a recent eviction from the trailer park where they both lived.  Andrew had a big brother type of relationship with Brendan and had taken him from his home and brought him to Ohio unharmed.  Andrew was later arrested on charges not related to the taking of Brendan, and Brendan was returned home safely.  I hope that all of the rest of my missing child horoscopes will have the same happy ending.

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